Algeria faces Bolivia, Andorra and South Africa in these friendly matches (French)

The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) announced today, Monday, the launch of a new series of international friendly matches to be held in one place during the international break, called “FIFA Series,” with a pilot project to be launched in 4 countries next month.

Although there are no titles or financial prizes, the initiative aims to help teams that do not have the opportunity to face teams from other continental federations, as FIFA will bear the cost of travel.

The project will be launched experimentally between the 18th and 26th of next month in Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Azerbaijan and Sri Lanka.

There will be 4 teams in one place, with each of these teams playing two matches.

Director of the regional member associations of FIFA in Europe, Alkhan Mammadov, said: “Several countries have never played with teams outside their continental federations... They can gain competitive experience by facing teams from outside their continental federations, and playing against teams with a completely different playing style... Currently there are 20 teams in the edition.” "Experimental. We hope there will be more in the 2026 version."

Saudi Arabia will host two groups without participating in the matches designated to help teams that have not previously qualified for the World Cup.

Mammadov said that FIFA is currently working on concluding television broadcast contracts for the series.

He added that the continental federations did not object to the dates of these matches, given that they are held during the international break.

The following are the teams participating in FIFA Series next month:



Algeria, Bolivia, Andorra and South Africa.



Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Tanzania and Bulgaria.

Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, Bhutan and Central African Republic.

Saudi Arabia

Group A:

Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Guyana and Cambodia.

Group Two:

Guinea, Vanuatu, Bermuda and Brunei.

Source: Agencies