[The 14th National Winter Games]

  On February 24, during the Lantern Festival, the men's 50-kilometer collective start (traditional technique) of the "Fourteenth Winter" cross-country skiing open group was held in the Liangcheng Division of Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia.

Wang Qiang, a veteran from the Chongqing delegation, won the gold medal and became the athlete with the most gold medals in the "14th Winter" with five gold medals.

  Wang Qiang, 31, has represented the Chinese team in competitions such as the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Cross-Country Skiing World Cup.

In the "14th Winter", he signed up for six events and eventually won five gold medals.

After walking out of the competition field, Wang Qiang was very excited: "I looked relaxed during the competition because I would 'torture' myself in the training before the competition." As a veteran who has competed in the snow field for many years, he has his own observations about competition. And thinking, he hopes more athletes will get involved.

  Wang Qiang said that he still wants to continue fighting.

"I particularly love this cause. I hope that cross-country skiing will develop better in the country and more people will know about this project and participate in it." He has always regarded the "14th Winter" as a comprehensive "big test" and "big test". Training", "I have always wanted to make a mark in the World Cup, just to let our young athletes see opportunities and hope - Chinese cross-country skiing can achieve results in the world. I will continue to work hard and take every step I take, Welcome the Asian Winter Games, World Championships and Milan Winter Olympics. I also hope to appear at the '15th Winter', and I also hope that more and more young athletes will emerge. I am full of confidence in the future of Chinese cross-country skiing."

  In the "Fourteenth Winter", there are many veterans like Wang Qiang.

  Two years ago at Zhangjiakou Chongli Ski Resort, Xu Mengtao, who has competed in the Winter Olympics for the fourth time, completed the most difficult moves with high quality, achieving a breakthrough in Winter Olympics gold medals for China's freestyle skiing women's aerial skills.

On the "14th Winter", Xu Mengtao signed up to participate in the mixed team competition and individual competition.

In the team competition, she twice performed moves with a difficulty coefficient of 4.2930 (a backflip and triple rotation of 1080 degrees), which was her winning move at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  However, the Liaoning team, composed of three veterans, Xu Mengtao, Jia Zongyang and Wang Xindi, lost to the Inner Mongolia team in the final round and ranked second. In the individual competition, Xu Mengtao and Jia Zongyang both failed in the final round and eventually ranked first in the men's and women's groups. five.

Kong Fanyu, another veteran who participated in the Winter Games for the third time, finally aspired to win the individual championship for the first time.

  After the game, Xu Mengtao sighed to reporters: "At the age of 33, I can still perform this most difficult move for women in the game. I am already very satisfied. I am now competing with players who are fifteen or sixteen years younger than me." Xu Mengtao said , she did not participate in competitions for a long time after the Beijing Winter Olympics and needs to slowly regain her form.

  Before preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics, Xu Mengtao had undergone four major surgeries on both knees, including 70% of the lateral meniscus in the left knee that was removed and the anterior cruciate ligaments in both knees were ruptured.

After the Beijing Winter Olympics, although injuries continued to accompany her, Xu Mengtao chose to return to the competition. She began to resume training last year and returned to the competition at the end of the year.

  "We will continue to work hard towards the goal of the Milan Winter Olympics." Xu Mengtao said.

  Snowboarding veterans Cai Xuetong and Liu Jiayu, who have experienced four Winter Olympics, also appeared in the "14th Winter" snowboarding women's U-shaped field skills competition.

Cai Xuetong defeated Liu Jiayu with a score advantage of more than 2 points and won the gold medal.

After the game, the "sisters" laughed again and again and said that they would definitely work together to "compete in another Winter Olympics" in the future.

  In Cai Xuetong's view, the Beijing Winter Olympics has driven China's ice and snow craze. More and more people have begun to pay attention to snowboarding, and the overall level has also made great progress.

She believes that many young and hard-working Chinese players have emerged in competitions in recent years.

Their movements are becoming more and more mature, and they are good "seedlings".

  As the "leader" of China's ice and snow sports, short track speed skating is the earliest event to be completed during the "14th Winter". Winter Olympic champions such as Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Fan Kexin, Qu Chunyu, Lin Xiaojun, Liu Shaolin, and Liu Shao'ang are all participating. Because of the participation of these famous athletes, the "Fourteen Winters" short track speed skating event has been elevated to the international level.

  Ren Ziwei, the men's 1,000-meter short track speed skating champion at the Beijing Winter Olympics, failed to win the gold medal, but he believes that his condition has improved: "My current competitive state is completely different from before. Every day, every month or every day At each stage, I will let everyone see the progress and slowly return to the top state."

  Another Beijing Winter Olympics champion Fan Kexin cooperated with her teammates to win the women's 3000-meter relay championship. When talking about the next step, she said she would follow the coach's arrangements.

She said frankly: "Every day I struggle with injuries, compete with myself, and compete with injuries."

  In 2009, the Chinese women's curling team composed of Wang Bingyu, Zhou Yan, Yue Qingshuang and Liu Yin won the gold medal at the World Championships for the first time, and won bronze at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

In recent years, the four people have gradually faded out of the game and taken up positions such as coaches and university teachers.

Before the "14th Winter", Zhou Yan, who was teaching the Sichuan curling team, sent an invitation to the three sisters to form a team. Wang Bingyu and Yue Qingshuang happily agreed, but Liu Yin was unable to attend the appointment due to health and work conditions.

  In this way, 40-year-old Wang Bingyu embarked on her fifth Winter Games trip, joining hands with 42-year-old Zhou Yan and 39-year-old Yue Qingshuang to compete in the "14th Winter" with two young teammates born after 1995.

Since they each have their own work, the three of them don't have much time to practice together, but when they step onto the field, the tacit understanding of fighting side by side in the past is still there.

Zhou Yan said: "One ball Bingyu shouted loudly, it felt like it was back to the past, very excited."

  In Hailar, the results of the Sichuan team led by Wang Bingyu were not ideal. However, this veteran who had bid farewell to the competition for five years did not regret her comeback. She said that the opportunity to compete with her old teammates was very rare, and the first priority of the "Fourteenth Winter" The goal is to enjoy the game.

At the same time, as a veteran with rich competition experience, it is also their responsibility to pass on the spirit to young players. "Share your own experience and understanding of curling with young people to help them make up for their lack of competition experience." Wang Bingyu Said, "I hope to let young players see that they can stand on the court and compete at the age of 40."

  "Inheritance" is also the expectation of Badxin, who helped the Heilongjiang team win the curling mixed doubles gold medal a few days ago.

This veteran who retired five years ago is now a teacher at Harbin Institute of Physical Education.

This time I chose to come back because I hope to use this gold medal to promote curling.

"I want to pass on the knowledge of curling to students and let more people fall in love with this sport." Badxin said, "Curling is a sport and job that I have been engaged in all my life. It is a great thing to be able to combine my hobby and work. Lucky thing."

  (Guangming Daily reporter Wang Dong)