China News Service, Hulunbuir, February 26th: Ice and snow sports are “hot” in the southern sun

  China News Service reporter Hao Lingyu

  The "Fourteenth Winter" snow project comes to an end at Zhalantun Jinlongshan Ski Resort.

In the completed events, contestants from Zhejiang, Guizhou, Guangdong, Guangxi and other delegations all appeared on the podium, changing the previous situation where contestants from the Northeast region were dominated by one family.

  In the "Fourteenth Winter" competition venue, the performance of southern players demonstrated the results of the "Northern Ice-South Exhibition".

Guangdong player Li Ruilin won a bronze medal in the women's double snow skills in the open group of freestyle skiing at the "14th Winter". Guangxi player Gan Jiajia won the women's big platform in the open group of snowboarding with a difficult aerial turn, helping the Guangxi delegation win the "ten "Four Winters" first gold.

  The two provinces of Guangdong and Guangxi, located in southern China, have low latitudes and lack natural ice and snow resources. Compared with northern players, southern players from Guangdong and Guangxi lack the conditions to start ice and snow sports and do not have an advantage in basic snow movements. However, They gained recognition for their creative moves on the field.

  For southern players who have rarely had the opportunity to see snow since childhood, learning to adapt to the cold is their first lesson in catching up with northern players.

Li Ruilin, 17, started skiing in 2018. She often cried when she started to stand on the snow field: "I feel like I have the most clothes on, but it's still so cold." Shen Sihan, a player from the Guangxi team, believes that the biggest difficulty is adapting to the snow. In the windy and low-temperature weather, only by getting rid of the psychological burden of low temperature can you perform at your due level.

On the 19th, Guangdong player Li Ruilin competed in the women's double snow skills competition in the open group of freestyle skiing at the 14th National Winter Games.

Photo by China News Service reporter Tomita

  Lacking the accumulation of historical experience, southern coaches have to learn from scratch in skiing events.

Chen Yang, the coach of the Guangxi team, was a trampoline athlete and coach before he got into skiing. How to change his thinking and master the technical characteristics of skiing is a difficulty he needs to overcome. He adjusted and explored during long-term training and gradually applied his thorough experience to his team members. Daily training.

  In comparison, southern players are less sensitive to changes in wind direction, wind speed and snow temperature.

In order to ensure the safety of the players, Chen Yang goes on the snow to observe the speed and status of other players, collects enough information to judge the condition of the field, and provides timely guidance to the players during their training to improve the players' adaptability to the snow.

  "Children in the south are very eager for ice and snow sports." Pang Xiufen, the freestyle skiing and snow skills leader of the Guangdong team, said that after the Beijing Winter Olympics, ice and snow sports have gradually become known to local parents, and more families are willing to invest energy and financial resources to support their children in Race on ice and snow tracks.

The recent ice and snow sports charity activities launched by the Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau have attracted widespread attention, and many families have come from afar.

  At present, through inter-provincial joint training, the southern provinces cooperate with the northern provinces that have rich experience in snow sports, and use their respective advantages to cultivate a group of "good seedlings" for snow sports.

Chen Yang gave an example: Guangxi is a strong province in gymnastics and has selected a group of gymnasts and trampoline athletes to practice snow sports across disciplines.

"This group of athletes is more agile and smart in the air. Some strong ice and snow teams are also envious of our talent pool in this area."

  Wei He, deputy director of the Guangxi Sports Bureau, said that Guangxi athletes are known for their dexterity, and skills, gymnastics, wrestling, etc. are all Guangxi's traditional strengths.

Although athletes in Guangxi's ice and snow sports are less innately close to snow and do not train as much as athletes in the north, they can still create gratifying results in ice and snow sports by relying on their expertise in their respective fields and taking advantage of Guangxi's "quick and agile" sports characteristics.

  Wei He said that Guangxi will continue to promote the development of ice and snow sports, and when conditions are mature, it will consider establishing a Guangxi winter sports development center.

At the same time, social forces are actively guided to invest in the construction of ice and snow sports facilities to further promote the progress of Guangxi's ice and snow sports.