China News Service, Hulunbuir, February 27 (Reporter Xing Chong) On the 26th, the "14th Winter" figure skating competition ushered in the final battle. Figure skating star Jin Boyang won the men's single skating with a total score of 267.49 points. Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu won the ice dance gold medal.

In the men's curling final, the Fujian team lost to the Hebei team 4:5 and won the silver medal. This was the Fujian team's second "Fourteen Winters" curling silver medal after winning the silver medal in the curling mixed doubles.

  The figure skating competition will determine the champions of men's singles and ice dance.

In the men's singles free skating competition, figure skating star Jin Boyang made a slight mistake in his jumping action, but relied on his short program score advantage to win the gold medal with a total score of 267.49 points.

Dai Dawei of Guangdong team and Han Wenbao of Heilongjiang team won silver and bronze medals respectively.

  This is Jin Boyang's second gold medal in the "14th Winter" competition after winning the team competition.

Jin Boyang, born in 1997, is China's leader in men's singles figure skating and finished fourth at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

Jin Boyang said that there were some stumbling moves in the game, which was a test for him, and he will fully prepare for the upcoming World Championships.

Jin Boyang won the men's singles skating in the "14th Winter" with a total score of 267.49 points.

Photo by China News Service reporter Cui Nan

  Macau player He Zhixuan scored 33.40 points in the free skate and finished with a total score of 51.76 points.

After the game, He Zhixuan said that due to his physical condition, his performance in the free skate was average.

"Today's condition was not very good, but for me, it is enough to last until the end in such a big game."

  In the ice dance free dance competition, Beijing team Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu scored 113.54 points and won the championship with a total score of 191.71.

Heilongjiang team combination Chen Xizi/Xing Jianing won the silver medal with a total score of 182.66 points, and Guangdong team combination Xiao Zixi/He Linghao won the bronze medal.

  The men's curling competition in the open group staged a peak showdown. The Hebei team, which had maintained an unbeaten record in the round robin, was even more experienced. After the first seven games of the final tied at 4, veteran Xu Xiaoming made a "pot" in the eighth game to help Hebei. The team defeated the Fujian team 5:4.

  The Fujian curling team will make its first appearance in domestic competitions in 2023 and is the first provincial team in ice and snow sports in the history of Fujian Province.

Previously, in the "14th Winter" mixed doubles final, Fujian team players Wang Zhiyu and Zhu Zeyangxu lost 6:7 to Heilongjiang team's famous players Bad Xin and Jiang Yilun and won the silver medal.

As a young team, the Fujian curling team participated in the Winter Games for the first time and won two silver medals, making history.

  Wang Zhiyu, who won another silver medal, said that this Winter Games was a bit regretful, but the overall level of the participating teams was very high. The Hebei team was mainly composed of young players and was full of motivation. With veteran Xu Xiaoming in charge, they performed to a high level.

  The youth women's ice hockey team entered the final. The Beijing team, which had been defeated by the Sichuan team 0:3 in the group stage, successfully avenged itself. In the final, it defeated the Sichuan team 3:1 and won the championship in an upset.

Beijing team forwards Hu Jiayi and Li Ke scored consecutively in the first quarter, and Zhang Biyang scored another goal in the second quarter. Although the Sichuan team had 39 shots in the game, 10 more than the Beijing team, only forward Wang Jiaxin scored in the third quarter. Score a goal.

  Beijing team's 15-year-old goalkeeper Chen Yuhan performed well in the final. She blocked the opponent's shots many times.

"After the experience of 'Fourteen Winters', my skills have been improved and my mentality has become more stable."

  The women's final of the open group of freestyle skiing halfpipe skills was staged. Beijing Winter Olympics contestants Zhang Kexin of the Heilongjiang team and Li Fanghui of the Shandong team won the gold and silver medals respectively, while Liu Qinyuan of the Hebei team won the bronze.

The champion of the open group men's final is Mao Bingqiang of Shandong team.

  The cross-country skiing competition came to an end. The Heilongjiang team and the Jilin team won the youth women's and men's 4×5 km relay (2 traditional techniques + 2 free techniques) championships respectively.

  On the 27th, the "Fourteenth Winter" will usher in the closing day, and the finals of the open group women's curling and the youth group men's ice hockey will be staged.