Professional baseball pitcher Daichi Osera, who is making a comeback from surgery on his right elbow in Hiroshima, pitched for his first actual batting practice at the camp and faced four batters and did not allow a hit.

Pitcher Osera underwent surgery on his right elbow last October and has been adjusting at a slower pace than usual, and pitched against a batter for the first time on the 26th, the final day of camp in Okinawa City.

On the 26th, he played against four batters in a live batting practice, and in addition to hitting them with powerful fastballs, getting whiffs and fouls, and striking out Dobayashi with a breaking ball, he did not allow a single hit and made his return. We moved forward towards.

Pitcher Ryo Osera, who threw 23 pitches, said, ``I was relieved that I was able to get off the mound safely.I was able to throw to a batter, and I was able to crush everything I wanted to accomplish in this camp.'' .

Pitcher Osera will make further adjustments while checking the condition of his elbow after pitching, and will consider the timing of his actual pitching.

Coach Takahiro Arai said, ``The plan before the camp was to arrive in time for the opening day, and things are progressing according to the original plan.''

On the other hand, in the fielders, new foreign player Matt Reynolds, who had been undergoing different menu adjustments since the 20th of this month due to discomfort in his left shoulder, hit hits against mainstay pitchers Tokoda and Guri in actual batting practice, and showed great strength. was shown.