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  • The last hours before Ramos' signing "We were walking around to deliver the check over the horn"

When a guy like

Toni Kroos

, a player carved from an iceberg, explodes like that due to a non-transcendental referee error, we are facing a bad matter.

Icebergs break off or melt due to global warming.

The Kroos iceberg does it because of the referee warm-up, a loop that Madrid has gotten into, something that is never good for those with the most quality, because it saps their energy.

Talent differentiates;

the discussion equals.

Luka Modric

entered the dance to tell his playing partner where and how to win a match, where and how to break a loop.

[Narrative and statistics (1-0)]

Sevilla's visit was already hot due to the Andalusian club's denunciation of the signaling videos that have become a tradition on Madrid television.

Not all traditions are good.

The turn was for

Díaz de Mera

and it was the referee himself who was the first to feel the wrath of the Bernabéu, by annulling the first local goal due to a previous foul by Nacho after the VAR indication Delayed, but correct indication.

The man did not have his day, as he had to retreat to the sideline, injured, shouting "Let Negreira whistle!"

The tension left by the action was not the best for the creativity necessary against the five-man defense designed by Quique, whose Sinbad

the Sailor

beard fits his hours of sailing.

He tightened his first two lines to close the spaces for driving in a Madrid, yesterday, of drivers:








Isaac Romero



to take advantage of the spaces.

They were able to do it very soon, but the Moroccan incomprehensibly threw out a center from this youth player who had become a franchise player for Sevilla.

Always powerful from above, En-Nesyri's legs are not always with him, especially his right.

Sevilla's disposition had its toll, such as reducing the play of



Oliver Torres

too much , but Quique knows that Sevilla is not there to be familiar with Madrid at the Bernabéu.

Playing from inferiority is a plan, not a betrayal.

The strategy initially bore fruit, only broken by the genius of Modric in the outcome, because the attempts of Vinicius, persistent on the left, did not find subsequent clarity, except for the goal annulled by


's previous foul on En-Nesyri.

He touched the defender on the Moroccan's boot, something that did not require so much suspense in the VOR room.

Ancelotti was taken out of his usual temper, so the coach saw the yellow card when Díaz de Mera was going to the monitor.

It was the only time that a Madrid player found free space in the Sevilla area in the first half.

The place where

Sergio Ramos

played like a free man, well wrapped up.

Another smart decision from



He wants her hierarchy, her tactical intelligence and his leadership, but he compensates for his loss of speed in anticipation.

The former Madrid captain was received with just the right amount of confetti, and there are scars that take time to heal.

The Ramos who raised the stands at the Bernabéu was


, the fashionable puncher in these times when he hits and protests too much.


provided the Tomahawk solution

to Madrid's difficulties in approaching



's flight

was equal to his shot and


's shot shortly after to respond to


's shot .

Stops of this type are reasons to love you, now that


faces the last phase of his recovery.

We will see.

The one who will not see it is


, a good goalkeeper who has not managed to find his way.

Madrid managed to accelerate the match during a stretch in which Valverde, once again, was the closest to the goal.

The ball went to the wood.

He needed more from the attackers, their ability to eliminate pieces and their inventiveness.

Ancelotti did not have Joselu

on the bench this time

, the player who has best tuned in to the goal in recent games, games, of course, without



The Italian then called Modric and removed Nacho to place Tchouaméni as central defender.

The Croatian's step forward is always a step of quality, someone who, at his many years, knows how to distance himself from contamination.

The oriented control and the goal is the demonstration that this desperate Madrid must interpret without reasons to despair.

It's Modric's advice.