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During the game between Eintracht Braunschweig and Hertha BSC there were riots with several people injured


Darius Simka / regios24 / IMAGO

The second division football game between Eintracht Braunschweig and Hertha BSC (1:1) was overshadowed by riots with numerous injured police officers and fans.

According to Eintracht, a five-year-old child suffered a shock on Saturday after being run over by the police.

However, there are different representations from the police, fan representatives and the host club from Braunschweig about the extent and causes of the clashes.

On Saturday evening, the police reported a total of 13 injured police officers as well as several criminal proceedings for breach of the peace, assault, grievous bodily harm, attempted release of prisoners and damage to property.

In its statement, the club reported a "double-digit number" of injured supporters, of which "at least five Eintracht fans suffered serious to very serious head or facial injuries and had to be treated, some as outpatients and others still as inpatients, in Braunschweig hospitals."

The situation escalated after the final whistle

The Eintracht Braunschweig fan project and the Hertha BSC fan aid organization criticized the police operation on social networks over the weekend.

And Eintracht's statement also states that "the extent of injuries to so many people raises questions about the proportionality of this operation and the appropriate use of police resources by individual officers."

According to consistent reports, there were scuffles between supporters of both clubs in the north stand of the Eintracht Stadium in the final minutes of the game.

This was quickly stopped by the use of stewards and police officers.

The situation only escalated when, after the final whistle, clashes broke out between Braunschweig supporters behind the south stand.

According to the club, a steward and several other fans had already calmed this situation down.

However, a police statement mentions an attack on the steward, which in turn would have triggered the deployment of a police unit.

As a result, there were massive clashes between the emergency services and Braunschweig fans.

According to police reports, 200 supporters formed a "closed block" from which an emergency officer was physically attacked.

The attempt to lead this block of people out of the stadium would have led to further attacks on the fan side and “continuous coercive measures” on the police side.