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Manuel Neuer in the top game against RB Leipzig: "We want to continue professionally until the end"


Ronald Wittek / EPA

After coach Thomas Tuchel's farewell announcement, captain Manuel Neuer took the Bayern Munich players to task.

"It reflects badly on all of us, on the team, on the players, if we haven't managed to continue with such a top coach," said the national goalkeeper after the happy 2-1 (0-0) against RB Leipzig on the TV channel Sky.

»It's not always the teacher's fault if grades are bad.

We have responsibility when a good coach is fired,” emphasized Neuer.

During the week, the Munich team announced that coach Thomas Tuchel would be quitting in the summer, one year before his contract ends.

»Everyone has to have a guilty conscience.

This doesn't just include the coaching team, but us too.

That’s why you always have to look after your own nose,” Neuer continued.

The Munich team ended their crisis in results with a goal from Harry Kane in injury time and are still eight points behind leaders Bayer Leverkusen.

“We want to continue professionally until the end,” said Neuer and had words of praise for Tuchel: “Nothing was said about him when he spoke about the game.

He did it very professionally and prepared us for the game.

Tuchel initiated the victory in the top game against RB with a tactical change.

He had his team line up with a three-man chain in the final phase in order to create superior numbers on offense.

Shortly before the end, Harry Kane (90+1) struck decisively.

Despite the success, Neuer sees the team in particular as being challenged.

“You have different players in the team than before, when things went a little by themselves,” he said: “We haven't had this self-image of beating teams in this jersey this season or in the recent past.

We have to earn that back.”