China News Service, Busan, South Korea, February 26 (Liu Xu Jiang Chunyu) On the evening of the 25th, the 2024 ITTF Busan World Table Tennis Team Championship concluded.

In the men's team final that day, the Chinese team defeated the French team 3:0 and won the men's team championship of the Busan World Table Tennis Championships, achieving its 11th consecutive World Table Tennis Championships.

The picture shows the Chinese team celebrating the championship.

Photo by China News Service reporter Liu Xu

  In this final, the Chinese team sent Wang Chuqin, Fan Zhendong and Ma Long to compete against the French team Le Brun brothers and Gautz.

  The first set was played by Wang Chuqin against Felix Le Brun.

Wang Chuqin played well and won the first game with a big score of 11:4.

Although there were several stalemates with the opponent in the process, Cheng still got into the rhythm quickly and successfully won the first set 3:0 for the Chinese team.

  The second set was played by Fan Zhendong against Alex Lebrun.

In the first game, Alex completed the reversal from being behind 4:8 and won the first game.

Then Fan Zhendong regained the rhythm of the game in the second game and easily won 11:4.

Faced with the ever-changing offensive and defensive rhythm, the two sides fell into a stalemate for a time, and the winner was not decided until the decisive game.

In the end, Fan Zhendong won the second set 3:2.

The Chinese team leads with a score of 2:0.

  The third set pitted Malone against veteran Gautz.

After losing the first game at 7:11, Malone won three consecutive games with big scores of 11:2, 11:4, and 11:6, and finally scored with a serve to help the Chinese team seal the victory.

The picture shows Malone celebrating his score in the final.

Photo by China News Service reporter Liu Xu

  Malone said after the game that he was deeply impressed by the World Championships. After the arduous semi-finals the day before, the whole team was in the best condition for the finals.

  Malone said that this was his last World Championship game. He was grateful to his team and teammates for their trust in giving him the opportunity to stand on the stage of the final. He was also very happy to win the game with his teammates in the final and paved the way for his World Championship journey. Write a "perfect ending".

The picture shows the Chinese men's team lifting the Swaythling Cup after winning the championship.

Photo by China News Service reporter Liu Xu

  That night, the Chinese men's team won the Swaythlin Cup for the 23rd time.

Fan Zhendong and Sun Yingsha of the Chinese team were named the best male and female athletes respectively.