8:00 p.m., February 24, 2024

On the eve of France's third meeting in the 2024 VI Nations Tournament, the president of the FFR, Florian Grill, was the guest of Jacques Vendroux in the Studio des Légendes on Europe 1. Asked about the latest results of the Blues and on the future of the staff, he affirmed that Fabien Galthié would remain "whatever happens", at the head of the team until 2027.

After their defeat against Ireland (38-17) and a success in Scotland two weeks ago, the Blues will try to string together a second victory in a row against Italy on Sunday in Lille (4 p.m.).

A start to the Tournament which raised, among other things, a lot of questions about the game plan and the strategy of the XV of France. 

“We need a little measure, a little calm”

Guest of Jacques Vendroux in the Studio des Légendes, the president of the Rugby Federation Florian Grill, assured that whatever happens, in this Tournament and after, Fabien Galthié was "confirmed until 2027", the year of the next World Cup.

“I am not a manager who manages in fits and starts. I believe in work and slow construction,” he assured before detailing.

“Fabien has a vision, he is driven and this vision suits us perfectly. And we are not going to change because the media tell us to change.”  


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The opportunity also for Florian Grill to take as an example the current hinge of the XV of France: Lucu-Jalibert, particularly criticized since the start of the competition.

"Everyone agreed before the Tournament to say that the incredibly 'successful' hinge of the UBB (Union Bordeaux-Bègles) was very good, and now they are explaining to us that everything must be changed", raised the president of the FFR before deciding: “We need a little measure, a little calm. Look at things over time and respect people.”

“There is no ideal opponent”

Florian Grill also returned to the meeting of the XV of France against the Squadra Azzura on Sunday.

“I hope that France will break free, we all want it to play (...) I hope it will be an exciting match,” he said on Europe 1. However, no question for the president of the FFR to take lightly this Italian team, historically accustomed to last place in this VI Nations Tournament.

"There is no ideal opponent. There is a match to be played and I think they are going to be very, very strong and very, very motivated." 


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For Florian Grill, this third day will necessarily be “engaged” on both sides.

“Learning respect also means not considering opponents as stronger or weaker. Surprises in rugby happen.”