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Special envoy Seville

Updated Saturday, February 24, 2024-01:30

  • Nations League Spain shakes up the Netherlands and seals its ticket for the Paris Games

Montse Tomé

clenched her fists with every goal Spain scored against the Netherlands.

Against all odds, she is the coach who takes the women's national team to the Olympic Games for the first time in history and does so with a brilliant match, a final on the horizon and captained by

Jenni Hermoso


A catharsis for the scorer and the rest of the group.


This team deserved to be in the Games

and enjoy them for those who couldn't, for those who lived through the moments of mud," recalled Tomé, who praised his players for having almost perfectly executed a match plan that began to take shape in a special day: "We started preparing it on December 22, the day of the lottery, and then I told the staff that we were going to always remember."

"We entered the national team at a difficult time, no one chose it, and we have evolved as a team. I congratulate the entire coaching staff, who have had situations of maximum professionalism and have known how to solve them. It is an ambitious group of people," Tomé added, remembering how Spain has played its best games against the strongest teams.

"We beat Sweden and now the Netherlands.

This team grows against the greats

," recalled the coach about whom the RFEF, with the elections pending, will have to decide.

One of the keys to success is the mix of youth and "experience" in the locker room.

Vicky López

's 17 years

made her leave in a blanket on the day of her debut - "of course she's a hazer," admitted

Cata Coll

- that she will never forget her, but neither will

Jenni Hermoso


He shouted his goal, Spain's first, he cried and then he enjoyed it.

"I have screamed a lot,

I have let out a lot of emotions on a very important day

. I have been very crybaby, but it is becoming more and more difficult for me. I have done it because since we were little we dreamed of something like that. Being in the Olympic Games is one of those things that you cross out on the list of what you can do in life," admitted the forward.

It has been many months of gritting our teeth and holding on, that's why he freed himself and dedicated the goal.


I have thought about myself, in the time that I have been working mentally and physically to play a high-level match

, I dedicate myself to the goal and the victory," he confessed even though he had his mother and his sisters in the stands and his

" dinosaurs"

in the field.

Jenni merged into a deep embrace with the veterans

Alexia Putellas


Irene Paredes


Together they cried when they won the World Cup, together they faced #SeAcabó and together they will be able to be in their first, and last, Olympic Games.

They are the only ones who, along with Mariona, were born in 1996 when women's football entered the Olympic program.

"I think the three of us are a team. We are doing something big, one step away from the Nations League, another trophy and we want to enjoy it a lot. Young people are already coming in who will contribute a lot and the mix with the older ones will lead us to achieve everything." that we set our minds to it and, above all, to enjoy. Because there is no roof," he confessed with a sparkle in his eyes.

"I'm fine, at peace and in Paris!"

, Jenni joked with the goal achieved and another title within reach.