China News Service, Beijing, February 24 (Reporter Bian Liqun) The 2024 Chinese Super League season will kick off on March 1.

On the 24th, at the pre-match working meeting of the new season of the Chinese Super League, Liu Yi, executive committee member and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Chinese Football Association, said that all football practitioners must learn lessons from the series of cases that have occurred in the football field, use the cases as lessons, and use the cases to promote football. Reform, continue to consolidate and consolidate the results of education rectification in the national football field, resolutely prevent and crack down on "fake gambling", and embark on the new Long March of Chinese football.

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  It is understood that the Chinese Football Association and the Chinese Football Confederation preparatory team have released the complaint and complaint email address to the public and accept supervision from all walks of life.

In the new season, the general manager of each professional club, as the first person responsible for the style and discipline of the game, will sign the "Chinese Football Association Professional League Self-Discipline Commitment on Style and Discipline" on behalf of the club. The officials and players of the participating teams will personally sign it.

  At the meeting, the general manager representatives of the 16 Chinese Super League clubs took the stage one after another and submitted a letter of commitment to Liu Yi, Secretary of the Disciplinary Inspection Commission of the Chinese Football Association. Their non-participation in the organization in the new season includes bribery, bribery, match manipulation, false matches, strikes, abandonments, and Promises were made such as spreading irresponsible remarks to the media.

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  According to reports, the 2024 Chinese Super League season officially started on March 1 and ended on November 2, with a total of 30 rounds and 240 games. The schedule spans 248 days. A total of 16 clubs from 14 division associations participated, except for the Shanghai Derby. In addition, this season the Qingdao Division also has a city derby.

  Some annual awards for the 2023 professional league season were awarded at the meeting.

Among them, Wuhan Division, Shanghai Division (Shanghai Shenhua), and Changchun Division won the Outstanding Division Award; Beijing Division, Chengdu Division, Tianjin Division, Jinan Division, and Shanghai Division won the Excellent Popular Division Award; Changchun Yatai, Wuhan Three Towns, Shanghai Shenhua, and Shanghai Harbor Club was rated as a fair play club; Shandong Taishan, Chengdu Chengdu, Shanghai Shenhua, and Beijing Guoan Club were rated as outstanding social responsibility clubs; He Wenxuan (Shanghai Division), Wang Xiaogang (Beijing Division), Zhao Xin (Shenzhen Division), Wang Yangzhenxiong (Chengdu) Competition Area) was awarded the Outstanding Competition Area Coordinator; Yang Xu, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Football Association, Liu Yi, Executive Committee Member and Discipline Inspection Commission Secretary of the Chinese Football Association, and Shi Qiang, Leader of the Preparatory Group of the Chinese Football Association, presented awards to representatives of the winning competition areas and clubs.

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  Yang Xu, vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association, said that in the 2024 season, professional footballers will unite and make every effort to improve the style and discipline of the game, build an honest league, and resolutely control "fake gambling" so that fans can see clean, civilized and exciting games.