China News Service, Busan, South Korea, February 24 (Reporter Liu Xu) The 2024 ITTF Busan World Table Tennis Team Championship continued on the 24th. In the men's team semi-finals, the Chinese team defeated the South Korean team 3:2 and advanced to the finals. .

  On that day, the Chinese team Wang Chuqin, Fan Zhendong, and Ma Long appeared successively, while the Korean team sent Zhang Yuzhen, Lin Zhongxun, and Lee Sangsu.

The attendance rate for this "China-South Korea War" was nearly 90%, and a large number of Chinese fans came to support the event.

  In the first set, Wang Chuqin played against Zhang Yuzhen, ranked 14th in the world.

Zhang Yuzhen took the initiative to attack in the first game, grasped the rhythm of the game, and won the first game with 11:7.

After the start of the second game, Wang Chuqin adjusted his state and led 8:0, and finally regained the game with 11:2.

In the third game, the score between the two increased alternately, from 1:1 to 11:11. Zhang Yuzhen scored 2 points in a row at the end of the game and won 13:11.

In the fourth game, Zhang Yuzhen scored two consecutive points and won another game 11:6.

At this point, Wang Chuqin lost 1:3, and the Chinese team fell behind 0:1 in the set.

  In the second set, Fan Zhendong controlled the rhythm of the entire game and defeated his opponent Lin Zhongxun 3:0 to regain the set and help the Chinese team even the set.

On February 24, Fan Zhendong was in the men's team semi-finals of the 2024 ITTF Busan World Table Tennis Team Championships.

Photo by China News Service reporter Liu Xu

  The third set pitted Malone against South Korean team Lee Sang-soo.

Lee Sang-soo has won four of the previous four games, showing great strength.

After four rounds, the two sides were tied at 2:2.

In the deciding game, Lee Sang-soo won the game 11:4 and won another set 3:2.

In terms of set points, the Chinese team fell into a 1:2 disadvantageous situation.

  In the fourth set, the opponents were Fan Zhendong and Zhang Yuzhen, the top men's singles players of the two teams.

Despite Zhang Yuzhen's best efforts, it was still difficult to escape Fan Zhendong's suppression.

In the end, Fan Zhendong ended the set by winning three consecutive games at 11:6, 11:7 and 12:10.

The score was tied at 2:2.

  In the fifth set of the final set, two left-handed players Wang Chuqin and Lin Zhongxun faced off.

Wang Chuqin recovered and took decisive action, winning the first game 11:5.

Subsequently, Wang Chuqin became more and more courageous in the battle, winning two more games 11:7 and 11:6 to end the game, and also achieved the Chinese team's reversal and promotion.

  Wang Chuqin said after the game that the first set gave him a wake-up call and he would adjust as soon as possible to face his opponents in the final in a better state.

  Fan Zhendong said that this game was indeed very difficult, but he was very happy to win in the end.

"We will definitely sum up the experience of today's game and go all out tomorrow (the final)."

  Ma Long said that there were many fans cheering for the Chinese team.

"Thank you to the fans for attending and wish everyone a happy Lantern Festival!"

  On the evening of the 25th, the Chinese men’s team will play against the French team in the final.