The Japan Cup, which competes to be the best in Japan in the lead event of sport climbing, which involves competing for the highest wall climbed in one attempt, was held in Saga Prefecture, and the women won the gold medal at the world championships in this event and have been selected to represent the team at the Paris Olympics. Aya Mori, a 20-year-old climber, is the only one to come close to completing the climb, winning her fifth consecutive championship.

Lead sports climbing is an event in which climbers climb a wall in one attempt within a six-minute time limit to compete for the highest height.At the Paris Olympics, it will be held as a ``Boulder & Lead,'' along with a ``Boulder.''

The final of the Japan Cup, which competes for the lead in Japan, was held on the 24th in Taku City, Saga Prefecture.

In the women's race, Mori, a university student who won the gold medal at last year's world championships, cleared a difficult area in the early stages where the distances between holds were long, and then gained altitude at a good tempo.

She used the strength of her fingers to get through the difficult point at the end where the angle of the wall changed, and although she reached out for the top hold at the end, she was unable to grab it and fell just before completing the climb.

Even so, he achieved his fifth consecutive victory in the tournament with a climb that overwhelmed the other competitors, and showed that he was on track for the Olympics.

Also, 21-year-old Futaba Ito, who will be competing in the qualifying series held in May and June with the aim of qualifying for the Olympics, placed 4th.

Men's 17-year-old Fumitsu Omata wins the tournament for the second consecutive time

On the other hand, in the men's competition, Hiroto Anraku and Chia Narasaki, both of whom have been selected to represent the Paris Olympics, lost in the semi-finals, leaving 17-year-old Fumitsu Omata to win the tournament for the second time in a row.

Aya Mori ``I want to remember my regrets and finish by the Paris Olympics''

Aya Mori, who won the tournament for the fifth time in a row with her strong lead, said, ``I'm so disappointed that I couldn't complete the climb that I wish I could go back in time one more time.The overall climb was good, but the challenge was to pull myself up with my upper body. Looking to the future, he said, "I still lacked the ability to fly far away. I want to strengthen my body coordination and leg strength. I don't forget the frustration I just had, and I want to improve by the time of the Paris Olympics."

Regarding winning the tournament for the fifth time in a row, he said, ``I didn't worry about it because I was nervous, but I was able to show my abilities one by one, so I gained confidence in myself. "I want to become a stronger climber," he said.

Fumion Omata “I want to win my first World Cup and win the overall championship this year”

In addition, Fumitsu Omata, who won the tournament for the second time in a row in the men's tournament, said, ``I was practicing hard, so I was confident. I want to aim for my first World Cup victory and the overall championship for the year.'' .