The Women's Ski Jumping World Cup was held in Austria, and Yuki Ito, who was 2nd in the overall individual ranking, finished 10th.

The 19th individual competition of the Women's Ski Jumping World Cup was held in Austria on the 24th on a normal hill with a hill size of 90 meters.

Four players from Japan participated, including Ito, who has won two races so far this season and is second in the overall individual ranking, and Sara Takanashi, who has a total of 63 World Cup wins.

Of these, Ito was far behind in her first attempt, finishing in 10th place with a score of 82.50 meters, and although she increased her distance to 85 meters in her second attempt, she was unable to improve her ranking with a total of 220.5 points, finishing in 10th place.

Takanashi, on the other hand, marked 85.50 meters in both her first and second runs, but her points did not improve and she finished in 12th place with a total of 216.2.

Other Japanese athletes include Nozomi Maruyama in 20th place and Yuka Seto in 21st place.

The winner was Ewa Pinkelnig from her hometown of Austria, who crossed the hill size with a distance of 88.50 meters in the first race, and 92 meters in the second race for a total of 243.1, her fourth victory of the season and her 13th World Cup victory in total.