Romain Rouillard 8:10 p.m., February 24, 2024

Guest of the “Studio des Légendes” on Europe 1, Florian Grill, the president of the French Rugby Federation, announced the date of the next elections to designate his successor.

The one who completes the mandate of Bernard Laporte is nevertheless a candidate to return to the head of the body. 

The date is known.

The elections for the presidency of the French Rugby Federation will take place on October 19, announced

Florian Grill, the current holder of the position, in the

Studio des Légendes d'Europe 1.

He was elected on June 14, succeeding Bernard Laporte, who resigned after his two-year suspended prison sentence for corruption.

After having completed the mandate of his predecessor, he will put his position back into play next fall, "if this is confirmed by the steering committee", he specifies. 

A committee made up of 40 elected officials, including 11 who are part of the current governance and to which must be added around fifteen elected officials, present in the former governance led by Bernard Laporte, and therefore opponents of Florian Grill during the June elections 2023. Opponents "who have now opened their eyes to quite a few subjects", assures the person concerned who still mentions "15 diehards who are sometimes quite aggressive". 

No special relationship between Grill and Laporte

At Jacques Vendroux's microphone, Florian Grill says, moreover, that he does not have any special relations with Bernard Laporte who has since been appointed director of the Montpellier club.

“He is someone who has charisma, he is a good manager, I think he is in his place,” he nevertheless conceded. 



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This Saturday evening, Florian Grill also confirmed the retention of Fabien Galthié until 2027, “whatever happens”.

Unless Florian Grill is beaten on October 19 and his possible successor decides otherwise.

The coach of the French XV has come under some criticism since the elimination of the Blues in the quarter-finals of the World Cup and the moribund performances of his protégés during the VI Nations Tournament.