On the 23rd, Major League Baseball pitcher Yu Darvish of the Padres held his third actual pitching practice at camp and made adjustments.

When asked about his teammate, pitcher Hiroki Matsui, who pitched well in the exhibition game the previous day with three consecutive strikeouts, he said with a smile, ``Even I was nervous.''

On the 23rd, pitcher Darvish participated in his third actual pitching practice of this camp in Peoria, Arizona, and threw 32 pitches against a total of six batters, with two hits and two walks. , one dead ball, and one strikeout.

Initially, the plan was to throw 15 to 20 pitches, but Darvish said with a smile, ``I didn't really care about the number of pitches I threw.I threw a little too much because the coach didn't stop me.'' The adjustment seemed to be progressing smoothly.

Regarding his teammate, pitcher Matsui, pitching for the first time in the open game against the Dodgers the day before, he showed perfect pitching with three consecutive strikeouts, saying, ``Even I was nervous, but as soon as the game started, I was ready to pitch the first pitch.'' He went on and on since then. I think he was very nervous, but when he returned to the bench he was smiling so much that I felt relieved," he said, congratulating his junior on his debut.

He continued, ``When I look at him, I think it's great that he's always playing baseball with a positive attitude.I think he may be under stress at times, but I want to take some of the burden off him.'' I was worried about pitcher Matsui, who is in his second year.