China News Service, Beijing, February 24 (Reporter Liu Xingchen) On the evening of the 24th, Beijing time, the women's team finals of the 2024 ITTF Busan World Table Tennis Team Championship came to an end.

The Chinese team, played by Sun Yingsha, Chen Meng, and Wang Yidi, defeated the Japanese team 3:2 and won the tournament for the sixth consecutive time.

  In order to prepare for the Paris Olympics, the National Table Tennis Team has sent its strongest lineup to compete in the Busan World Table Tennis Championships team competition and strive to win the championship.

For the women's team, Sun Yingsha, Chen Meng, Wang Manyu, Wang Yidi, and Chen Xingtong went on the field.

Ma Lin, the head coach of the women's team, previously said that the five athletes this time were the most outstanding performers during the preparation period for the Paris Olympics. "(They) are the best and strongest in terms of performance and experience."

  Image source: World Table Tennis Professional Federation Weibo

  The meeting between the Chinese women's team and the Japanese women's team has always attracted much attention.

In the final, Sun Yingsha took the lead against Miwa Harimoto.

In the first game, Sun Yingsha constantly changed her attacking rhythm in the first three boards, forcing her opponent to make mistakes and winning 11:5.

After that, Zhang Benmeihe sought to counterattack through different serving methods, while Sun Yingsha's explosive backhand made it difficult for her opponent to parry.

After attacking her opponent's backhand, Sun Yingsha helped the Chinese team take a big lead.

  In the second set, Chen Meng played against Hina Hayata.

In the first game, the two exchanged multiple shots. Chen Meng was superior in his ability to hold the ball and won 11:6.

In the second game, Hina Hayata regained the victory at 11:8.

In the third game, Chen Meng made more unnecessary mistakes and once fell behind 1:6. Although he caught up to 9:10, he could not reverse it.

In the fourth game, after the two sides tied at 12, Hina Hayada scored 2 points in a row to help the Japanese team equalize the score.

  In the third set, Wang Yidi played against Miu Hirano.

In the first game, Miu Hirano grasped the key ball and won 11:8.

In the second game, Wang Yidi made consecutive mistakes in key points and fell behind 0:2.

In the third set, Wang Yidi was still slightly inferior in the battle for key points at the end of the game, and the Japanese team took the lead with a score of 2:1.

  The picture shows Sun Yingsha during the competition.

Image source: World Table Tennis Professional Federation Weibo

  In the fourth set, Sun Yingsha played against Hina Hayata.

At the beginning of the game, Sun Yingsha made decisive moves, constantly changing the hitting point with her forehand, and scored 11 points in a row after falling behind 0:2, winning the first game.

After that, Sun Yingsha continued to use her forehand to help the Chinese team equalize the total score.

  In the final set, Chen Meng played against Miwa Harimoto.

Facing young opponents, Chen Meng took advantage of his experience and constantly mobilized his opponents to take the initiative on the court.

In the end, the Chinese team achieved a reversal and successfully defended its title.

  In this competition, the Chinese women's team encountered strong impacts from opponents from all walks of life. In the face of huge pressure, the team still showed a certain degree of dominance.

  This time, the national table tennis women's team is in the same group as the Hungarian team, the Indian team, the Spanish team, and the Uzbekistan team.

  The picture shows Sun Yingsha (left) returning the ball in the semifinals.

Photo by China News Service reporter Liu Xu

  In the opening match, the Chinese team fought hard in five sets and defeated the Indian team 3:2.

Facing the opponent's special style of play, the Chinese team was a little slow.

Sun Yingsha and Wang Yidi both lost to their opponents, leaving the Chinese team behind twice.

After that, Sun Yingsha actively adjusted her condition and defeated Manika Batra 3:1, helping the Chinese team equalize the total score.

As Wang Manyu easily defeated Ashika Mukherjee, the Chinese women's team came back to win.

  After that, the Chinese team got better and better, defeating the remaining three opponents one after another, ranking first in the group and advancing to the top 16.

At that time, Sun Yingsha said that the whole team promptly summarized the problems in the first game and would actively prepare for the knockout rounds with a better attitude.

  The picture shows Chen Meng in the quarter-finals.

Photo by China News Service reporter Liu Xu

  In the 1/8 finals, the Chinese team composed of Chen Meng, Sun Yingsha, and Wang Yidi defeated the Thai women's team 3:0 and advanced to the quarterfinals.

In the quarter-finals, the Chinese team faced the challenge of its old rival South Korea.

Sun Yingsha took the initiative when facing Li Shiwen and helped the national table tennis women's team win first.

After that, Chen Meng and Wang Yidi faced off against Tian Zhixi and Shen Yubin respectively. The two Chinese players were in equally good condition. After resisting the counterattack of their opponents, the Chinese team successfully passed.

  In the semi-finals, the Chinese team faced the French team.

Sun Yingsha got into a tangle with her opponent in the third game of the first set. With her better grasp of key points, the Chinese team won the first point.

After that, Chen Meng and Wang Yidi did not give their opponents many chances, and the Chinese women's team advanced to the finals.

  The picture shows Wang Yidi in the semifinals.

Photo by China News Service reporter Liu Xu

  There is currently less than half a year before the Paris Olympics. As the last team competition before the big exam, the Busan World Table Tennis Championships team competition has become an important battle for each team to test and inspect the Olympic lineup.

  Li Xun, the head coach of the National Table Tennis Team, said during a closed training session before the game that the players on this expedition are the best players of the Chinese team in the Paris Olympics cycle and are currently the strongest team lineup of the National Table Tennis Team.

"For us, the goal of the Busan World Table Tennis Championships is to compete for the championship. We hope that the men's and women's teams will continue to be brilliant at the World Table Tennis Championships." Li Xuan said.

  Analyzing the overall competition process, the national table tennis women's team completed this task relatively well, and the results of winter training were tested.

In addition, through competition training, the Chinese team has further consolidated its self-confidence.

  When facing strong opponents such as Japan and South Korea, the national table tennis women's team was well prepared and controlled the overall scene of the game properly.

Faced with continued pressure from their opponents, the team defended its dominance.

In addition, the team still needs to be wary of the impact of top players from foreign associations and special playing styles, summarize the problems of too many mistakes in the group stage and finals, and strive to make further progress.

  According to the schedule on the ITTF website, the national table tennis men's team will compete with the French team for the championship at 19:00 on the 25th, Beijing time. The team will strive for the 11th consecutive championship.