A competition between top athletes from the United States and Japan, the birthplace of breaking, a new sport for the Paris Olympics, was held, and Shigeyuki Hani, whose dancer name is Shigekix, won the competition between the Paris Olympics representatives and gained momentum for the actual competition. I added.

Breaking, which will be used at the Paris Olympics, is a competition in which dancers improvise and match their movements to music played by a DJ, competing for dance technique, expressiveness, and originality.On the 24th, top athletes from Japan and the United States will participate and improve each other's skills. A competition was held in Fukuoka City in an attempt to connect this to the future.

Among them, Shigekix, who is Japan's ace and has been selected to represent the Paris Olympics, competed against last year's world championship gold medalist Victor, who is also scheduled to participate in the Paris Olympics.

Shigekix won with a comfortable victory, gaining momentum for the Olympics, with his signature moves ranging from the powerful rotation technique ``power move'' to the ``freeze'' movement in which he stops his body in time with the music.

In addition, Ami Yuasa of AMI, who is ranked 3rd in the world and is participating in the qualifying series with the aim of participating in the Olympics, will compete against Logistx, who is ranked 13th in the world and is also participating in the qualifying series, and will perform a high-quality dance such as flowing footwork. showed and won a close battle.

On the other hand, 18-year-old ISSIN player Isshin Hishikawa, who won his first championship at the All-Japan Championship in February, lost to his opponent's creative dance in a match between players participating in the qualifying series against the world's fourth-ranked powerhouse, and faced challenges. The result was that we were left with .