Professional boxer Junto Nakatani competed in the WBC bantamweight title match held in Tokyo on the night of the 24th and won by technical knockout, making him a third-division champion.

Last year, Nakatani won the world title at super flyweight, making him a two-division champion, and then moved up one weight class to bantamweight.

His first match was a title match against WBC bantamweight champion Alejandro Santiago of Mexico on the night of the 24th at the Kokugikan in Ryogoku, Tokyo.

Nakatani took control with powerful one-two combinations, and in the sixth round he landed a straight left to the opponent's face and knocked him down.

Immediately after the restart, he cornered his opponent against the ropes and knocked him down again, but the referee stopped the fight, and he won by technical knockout at 1 minute and 12 seconds in the sixth round, making him a third-division champion.

Nakatani is a 26-year-old from Toin-cho, Mie Prefecture.

His powerful punches earned him the ``KO of the Year Award'' in an American boxing magazine with a history of more than 100 years last year, and his victory on the night of the 24th brings his total to 27 wins.

He is the third Japanese male to win three weight classes without losing.

Takuma Inoue makes his first defense as WBA bantamweight

In addition, Takuma Inoue, the younger brother of Naoya Inoue and WBA (World Boxing Association bantamweight champion), made his first defense in the super flyweight division with a knockout victory over a former world champion from the Philippines in nine rounds. fulfilled.

Junto Nakatani ``I feel inspired and want to continue to do my best''

Junto Nakatani, who won the title in three weight classes, said, ``The bantamweight and WBC belts are belts that many Japanese champions have held, so I'm feeling tense.I want to continue to do my best and live up to everyone's expectations.'' I want to have a passionate fight where I can win.''

Takuma Inoue: “It’s great to end this way with a win.”

Takuma Inoue, who won his first title defense with a knockout victory, said, ``I was full of anxiety up until the day because I thought he was the strongest opponent I've ever had, and I practiced in extreme conditions not knowing whether I would win or lose.I've been winning by decision so far. There were times when I got bored with the audience, but I wanted to show that I had changed, so I worked hard to get to this point.It's great to be able to win like this,'' he said with joy.

He then turned to his older brother Naoya and his father and trainer Shingo, who were in second place, and said, ``I've always been grateful, but today I really want to say thank you.''

He then enthusiastically stated, ``Being able to defeat such a strong opponent in a close match gave me confidence, and I want to show a changed Takuma Inoue from now on.''