Men's singles player Kodai Naraoka, who is aiming to participate in the Paris Olympics in badminton, released his training session and said, ``My goal is to participate in the Paris Olympics first.I want to take care of the match in front of me and be conscious of not getting injured.'' I spoke.

In the men's singles, Naraoka was runner-up at last year's World Championships and is ranked 6th in the world, the top Japanese player, and is expected to win a medal at the Paris Olympics.

On the 24th, he held a practice session for the press in Tokyo, where he and his father and coach, Hiroshi, worked repeatedly to improve the accuracy of their shots by repeatedly hitting the course accurately.

They then practiced with local junior high school students, taught them how to receive, etc., and then had a match-style battle.

When asked by a junior high school student how to train to become stronger, Naraoka said, ``I was shaking a rice scoop 2,000 times in the bath to strengthen my wrists.If you have wrist strength, you can fly the shuttlecock and become faster. At that time, I used to run 10km every day. If you continue to do so, you will gain strength," he advised.

After practice, Naraoka told the press that if he participates, it will be his first time at the Paris Olympics.``My first goal is to participate, and I hope I can do it without any problems.I will cherish the game in front of me and try not to get injured.'' "I want to be conscious of that," he said of his aspirations.

Naraoka is scheduled to compete in the French Open and British Open in March, which will be held at the Paris Olympic venue.