China News Service, Hulunbuir, February 24 (Reporter Xing Chong) The 14th National Winter Games (referred to as "14th Winter") will continue on the 24th.

Winter Olympics champion Su Yiming won his second gold medal in the Winter Games by winning the slopestyle final after winning gold in the snowboarding platform.

In the men's youth ice hockey competition, the Hong Kong team lost to the Shaanxi team 0:3 and missed the semi-finals.

  The men's slopestyle competition of the snowboarding open group was held at Zhalantun Jinlongshan Ski Resort. Due to weather conditions, the event originally planned to be held on the 20th was postponed to the 24th.

After many days of windy weather, the weather was sunny and windy on the 24th, providing a good objective environment for the players to perform.

  According to the rules, there will be two rounds of competition in the finals, and the better result will be taken as the final ranking result.

Su Yiming, who represented the Shanxi team, made a mistake in the first round and only scored 58.00 points, ranking fourth. In the second round, he withstood the pressure and completed difficult turning movements, coming from behind with 96.60 points to win the gold medal for the Shanxi team.

Heilongjiang team player Gao Xuesong won the runner-up with 83.20 points, and Shandong team Liu Haoyu won the bronze medal with 78.00 points.

On February 24, the finals of the snowboarding slopestyle open category of the 14th National Winter Games were held at the Zhalantun Jinlongshan Ski Resort in Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia.

Shanxi team player Su Yiming won the championship with 96.60 points.

This is Su Yiming’s second gold in her first winter sports trip.

Photo by China News Service reporter Tomita

  Su Yiming admitted after the game that he was under a lot of pressure in the last round. After the game, he excitedly threw his snowboard high "to release his emotions."

"I am actually very proud that I can challenge myself under this pressure and still complete the movements stably."

  After participating in the Winter Games for the first time and winning two gold medals, Su Yiming said that he learned a lot through the "14th Winter" and made great progress in his mentality.

"This competition is also one of the nodes on my way to the Milan Winter Olympics. I hope to perform at my best at the Winter Olympics two years later."

  In the open group women's slopestyle final, Sichuan team He Tingjia won the championship with 66.20 points, Jilin team Jung and Hebei team Li Jiaxi won the silver and bronze medals respectively.

  The knockout round of the men's youth ice hockey group started, and the Hong Kong team lost 0:3 against the Shaanxi team.

In the first two games of the game, both teams failed to score. In the third game, the physical fitness of the Hong Kong team members declined and there were loopholes in the defense. The Shaanxi team took the opportunity to score three goals in a row and finally sealed the victory.

  This "14th Winter" is the first time that the Hong Kong ice hockey team participated in the youth group competition of the Winter Games. After the start of the game, the Hong Kong team achieved two wins and one loss in the group stage, and ultimately missed the semi-finals.

But head coach Jian Zhaoqian said that reaching the knockout stage has exceeded expectations.

“The players have tried their best every game and I’m proud of them.”

  Wang Zanlin, a player of the Hong Kong team, said that the game tactics that day were mainly defensive counterattacks, which were executed well in the first game. From the second game onwards, there were many fouls and a decline in physical fitness, which caused the offense to stagnate.

"We will continue to improve and continue to show ourselves on the big stage."

  The figure skating open category individual competition kicked off.

After helping the Beijing team win the team gold medal, the ice dance team Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu continued their stable performance and ranked first in the rhythm dance with 78.17 points. The winning team members of the Beijing team, the pairs skating team Peng Cheng/Wang Lei, ranked short with 71.77 points. First place in the show.

  In the women's singles short program competition, An Xiangyi of the Beijing team ranked first with 65.52 points. Zhu Yi, who has participated in the Beijing Winter Olympics, represented the Heilongjiang team and ranked 16th with 46.21 points.

  The freestyle skiing aerials competition came to an end that day.

In the youth group mixed team competition, the Hebei team, composed of male and female aerial acrobatics individual champions Li Xinpeng and Chen Xuezheng, and men's runner-up Yu Shengzhe, once again reached the top podium. So far, the Hebei team has won all three gold medals in the youth group of aerial acrobatics competitions. .

  On the 25th, the focus event of the "Fourteenth Winter" will be in the figure skating arena, and two gold medals will be produced in pairs skating and women's single skating.