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Special envoy Seville

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Jenni Hermoso

remembered who she is.

She knew what she had to do, what she knows best, what heals him, drives him and multiplies her strength.

Which makes all Spanish soccer players an example of everything that comes before and after the ball.

Resilient, they chose not to look back too much and take their long match to the grass.

That is their territory and, with impudence and bravery, they decided to catch another dream by feasting.

For the first in history, Spain will fight for an Olympic medal in Paris.

It was fair and necessary that the Netherlands was hit first by Jenni Hermoso with a cathartic goal, finished off by Aitana's powerful speaker, and buried by

Ona Batlle

's faith to make history again.

[Narrative and statistics (3-0)]

The Dutch were not the bone that was expected or perhaps Spain found a way to gnaw it comfortably.

They had the ball, they locked up their rival and were able to finish them off with the devilish speed of

Salma Paralluelo


They sought to find Beerensteyn

on the run

, pursued like a shadow by

Laia Codina

with the coverage of

Irene Paredes




to catalyze their game and cause some shock, but it was the Netherlands who suffered the most.

As if they were not warned, they did not find a way to stop the Barça forward, who only lacked aim to go on a binge.

She made fun of


and found a long pass from an excellent

Mariona that licked a post and then



from the front goalkeeper that left her a left-footed shot that grazed the other post.

The game went from area to area, looking for mistakes that would open it up and that didn't come.

Athenea did not catch a low cross from Jenni, just as Beerensteyn did not take advantage of a filtered pass from



Cata Coll

saved the shot with her foot.

Spain was focused on preventing the Dutch from running with the ball under control while they had found the opportunity to release Paralluelo.

Another run from the crescent in which she relied on Athenea ended up forcing goalkeeper

Van Domselaar

to save the goal that was resisting the Zaragoza.

But he didn't give up.

Another slalom from the left, cut to captain


and another shot that did not find the target.

Andries Jonker

's team was saving itself

against the world champion, as dominant as it was misguided.

lethal left kick



couldn't get it right,

Olga Carmona

appeared to finish off Mariona's cross at the penalty spot.

You had to try and that's what Jenni Hermoso did.

Ona Batlle found her leaning to the left in front and the Madrid native caught the ball and, holding on and calm, she danced with it for an inch and created the lethal left-footed shot.

Spain was ahead and in four minutes, another cross from Mariona was feinted by Salma but was scored by Aitana from close range, appearing on the penalty spot.

The reservation for the ticket to Paris was in his pocket.

He wanted to wake up the Netherlands by looking for more play with the


Damaris Egurrola


Again his worst nightmare, Paralluelo, appeared and he reminded them that they need control and scare Spain.


understood it

, forcing Cata Coll to shine again, and


with a header that went over the crossbar.

The Spanish team was beginning to suffer and had to adjust, that's why

Montse Tomé looked to the bench and claimed

Alba Redondo

's gunpowder


Let's see who could do more.

But France's victory over Germany gave the Dutch team an extra life and


kept this in mind when giving up his most lethal player.

Beerensteyn left the field while Spain was growing and even gave the opportunity to the debut of

Vicky López

, a brilliant seed of the new generation, at the age of 17.

But first Ona Batlle appeared, who cooked and ate the third goal.

Spain, world champion, will be able to seek Olympic gold and the first continental title.

Nothing stops them.