On the 23rd, the B3 basketball team ``Kanazawa Bushidan'', whose home games in Ishikawa Prefecture had been canceled due to the Noto Peninsula Earthquake, played their first home game in about two months.

The Kanazawa Bushidan, a B3 basketball team, had all their home games in Ishikawa Prefecture canceled after the Noto Peninsula earthquake, as gymnasiums across the prefecture were used as evacuation centers.

On the 23rd, the first home game in about two months was held at the Komatsu City Gymnasium, and 20 people, including residents of Nanao City who have been living in evacuation centers, were invited.

Banners of support written by players and staff of the opponent Saitama Broncos were hung at the venue, and the game began after more than 1,000 fans held a moment of silence for those who died in the earthquake.

The game started with the Samurais giving up the lead, but thanks to the cheers of the fans, the dribbling shot of Gay, who joined this season, and the three-point shot of guard Boyarkim helped them catch up to one point.

However, they were pushed back after that and lost 78-86.

A man who continues to evacuate in Nanao City said, ``Although we lost, I was moved and gained courage. I want to continue to support them.''

Kanazawa Samurai Team captain Shodai Tanaka said, ``The cheering of so many people really gave me strength. I'm sure there will continue to be a lot of anxiety due to the Noto Peninsula earthquake, but I want to be able to help the victims in any way I can through basketball.'' I was talking.