China News Service, Hulunbuir, February 23 (Reporter Xing Rui and Xing Chong) On the 23rd, the snow events of the 14th National Winter Games (referred to as "14th Winter") ushered in the highlight.

Winter Olympic champion Su Yiming, who represented the Shanxi team, won the men's snowboarding big platform championship and won the first Winter Games gold medal in his career; another Winter Olympic champion Xu Mengtao teamed up with famous players Jia Zongyang and Wang Xindi to win the freestyle for the Liaoning team Silver medal in mixed team ski aerials open category.

  In the men's snowboarding platform competition held that day, Su Yiming came out in ninth place.

He made a mistake in his first jump, lost his balance and fell after landing, and only scored 24.60 points. In the second jump, Su Yiming adjusted his condition in time, and the whole set of movements was stretched and smooth, landing smoothly, and he scored 89.20 points. In the third jump, Su Yiming performed perfectly. Obtained the highest score of 93.40 points in the game, and finally won the championship with a total score of 182.60 points.

On February 23, the men's big platform final of the open snowboarding group of the 14th National Winter Games was held at Jinlongshan Ski Resort in Zhalantun, Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia. Shanxi team player Su Yiming won the championship with a score of 182.60 points, winning his first gold medal. Winter Games gold medal.

Photo by China News Service reporter Tomita

  Anhui team Yang Wenlong scored 88.20 points in the first jump and 87.40 points in the second jump respectively. He failed in the final round of challenging more difficult moves and finally won the silver medal with 175.60 points.

Sun Zhendong of Hebei team won the bronze medal with 159.20 points.

  After the game, Su Yiming said that the state of the game was not as good as expected, and he felt the pressure because of his mistake in the first jump.

"Today's mentality is not particularly stable, there are some fluctuations." He said that he needs to adjust his mentality and show his best level in the slope obstacle course skills competition on the 24th.

  In the subsequent women's snowboard big platform finals, Guangxi team Gan Jiajia, Yunnan team Chen Aldao, and Sichuan team He Tingjia won gold, silver and bronze medals respectively.

  The freestyle skiing aerials mixed team competition gathered many famous players. The Liaoning team composed of Xu Mengtao, Jia Zongyang, and Wang Xindi led the way in the preliminaries and advanced to the finals as the first in the group.

However, in the final, Jia Zongyang and Wang Xindi both made mistakes when landing, and the Liaoning team finally won the silver medal with 301.99 points.

  The host Inner Mongolia team sent Shao Qi, Li Boyan, and Yang Longxiao to play.

The three performed well in the final and surpassed the Liaoning team to win the championship with a score of 315.43 points.

The Jilin team composed of Du Ruiqing, Sun Jiaxu and Li Tianma won the third place with 301.41 points.

  After winning the championship, Shao Qi said that the gold medal was the biggest encouragement to the three of them.

Facing the strong Liaoning team, Shao Qi said that they just want to be themselves.

"The three of them kept their composure and gave their best performance."

  Winter Olympics champion Xu Mengtao felt a little regretful.

She said that the 24th was the birthday of her teammate Jia Zongyang. She originally wanted to give the mixed team gold medal to "Lao Jia" as a birthday gift, but unfortunately she failed.

"We will continue to work towards the goal of the Milan Winter Olympics, and I hope everyone can continue to support us."

  In the biathlon open mixed relay (4×6 kilometers) competition held in the Liangcheng Division of Ulanqab City, the Hebei team, Liaoning team and Inner Mongolia team ranked among the top three.

  In the ice event, the open group women's curling competition ended with the fourth and fifth rounds.

The Sichuan team led by the famous Wang Bingyu defeated the Yunnan team 5:4 in the fourth round, but unfortunately lost to the Gansu team 8:9 in the fifth round.

  In 2009, the "Four Golden Flowers" Wang Bingyu, Zhou Yan, Yue Qingshuang and Liu Yin won the gold medal at the World Championships for the first time, and won bronze at the Vancouver Winter Olympics the following year.

In the "14th Winter" competition, three "golden generation" national players Wang Bingyu, Zhou Yan and Yue Qingshuang and two "post-95s" teammates represented the Sichuan team.

Wang Bingyu said that although her skills and physical fitness cannot be compared with her peak years, she will go all out to play every game well.

  On the 24th, the slopestyle finals of the open snowboarding group will begin, and Su Yiming will launch an attack on his second Winter Games gold medal.

At the same time, figure skating open group ice dance, pairs skating, women's singles and other competitions will also be staged.