China News Service, Beijing, February 22 (Reporter Wang Hao) After winning the last KPL regular season game before the Spring Festival, Fly said he was "relieved."

He was wearing a black team uniform with a dark red word "Xia" printed on the left side of his chest.

In the last transfer period, Fly was transferred from Chongqing Wolves to Jinan RW Xia.

  After experiencing a trough in the second half of last year, Fly chose to start over with a new identity.

In his career experience of being a middle school cartoonist, the plot once again reached a critical moment.

In the next chapter, Fly hopes to make up for past regrets and star in a counterattack plot.

lose weight

  With one win and one loss, Jinan RW Xia’s results before the Spring Festival were not very impressive.

The new lineup, which is still adjusting, is in ups and downs. A victory can be a reassurance that everyone can have a good New Year.

But for Fly, the pressure to achieve results is still considerable.

  After the KIC competition of the Honor of Kings World Championship at the end of 2023, Fly began a trial training. After continuous communication, he finally joined hands with his current club.

This is considered explosive news in the Honor of Kings project. After all, before this, "Fly" and his old club "Chongqing Wolves" were regarded as inseparable.

  After changing to a new team, the adjustment on the field is of course not that simple.

"The running-in is not as fast as expected. There are still some basic game rhythms and game concepts that need to be integrated." Fly has a clear understanding of the current difficulties. The next thing he has to do is to solve these difficulties, just like in his career Did it countless times.

  Fly (right) and his teammates.

Photo provided by interviewee

  In recent months, Fly has become slightly fatter than before, which is often used as a joke by fans: Peng Yunfei should lose weight quickly - Peng Yunfei is his real name.

  But it is not easy to lose weight in a new club. He has a good relationship with his teammates off the court. They all have good personalities and get along quickly. They go out for supper together after training every now and then.

  Fly, who was born in the new millennium, is celebrating his zodiac year this year. He is considered a solid veteran in the e-sports arena.

When he first entered the KPL, Fly was a fat boy weighing over 170 pounds. In order to extend his career, he gritted his teeth and lost about 50 pounds.

  Now that his weight has rebounded slightly, Fly is considering losing weight again, not just to look good, but also to be healthy and in better competition condition.

Whether it is controlling his weight or seeking new breakthroughs in the arena, he has always been an activist who will work hard when he makes up his mind. This was the case in the past and is still the case now.

  During the Spring Festival holiday, Fly went to see the movie "It's Hot". Coincidentally, he had a similar experience to the protagonist of the movie.

"Face yourself, love yourself, carve yourself, and then fall in love with yourself again." He resonates with the movie at the moment.


  The 2023 Honor of Kings Challenger Cup was an important opportunity for Fly to decide to transfer. At that time, he had already lost his starting position in the team.

On the night of the finals, the stage lighting design was red and yellow, which looked very eye-catching.

It seemed a little dark outside the stage. Fly was sitting on the bench in his team uniform, watching his teammates lift the championship trophy.

  2023 King of Glory Challenger Cup scene.

Photo by reporter Wang Hao

  He was in a very complicated mood at that time, feeling happy and regretful at the same time.

Because in the past few years, the person standing on the stage has always been myself.

"Before, when I was playing, I felt normal on stage. From the perspective of a substitute, you will find that you were so dazzling before."

  At that time, Fly was already planning to go out and look for opportunities if he still couldn't play.

Since landing in KPL in March 2017, Fly's prefix has only changed with the name change of the club. In 7 years, he has bid farewell to many teammates, and this time the person leaving became himself.

  Fly said the move was not an easy decision to make because "my peak years and my youth were with this club."

In the process of making a decision, there will be sadness, and there will also be happiness about returning to the game. The constant alternation of these two emotions is not pleasant, and he will also suffer from insomnia because of it.

  Fly laughed and denied that he had cried: "Men don't cry."

But when "parting" changes from imagination to reality, fluctuations in mood are naturally inevitable.

This is the first time in Fly's career that he has listed his property, and he needs to sign the listing consent form.

When he finally put pen to paper, Fly felt that he was "a little unable to hold on".

  The day he walked out of the Chongqing Wolves base, Fly saw the club's honors hanging on the wall, and the feeling of reluctance became more concrete in his heart.

However, this too shall pass.

For him, the most important thing has always been to be able to stand on the field.


Photo provided by interviewee


  "The lowest stage in the past seven years," Fly described his experience in the second half of 2023.

Losing the starting position in the professional arena, failing to enter the Asian Games roster, and saying goodbye to the club that has been with them for 7 years. For e-sports players, everything is indeed a major event that affects their career.

  In the past seven years, Fly has been in high spirits most of the time.

8 championships, 7 FMVPs, and 3 FMVP skins, these numbers are the highest in the Honor of Kings professional arena, so much so that he is called the "highest mountain" in KPL.

  But at the top of the mountain, you are inevitably faced with rain and wind.

Being accustomed to welcoming victory in the stadium, it is naturally difficult to adapt to being an "audience". The gap is far from being summed up in a few words.

But it is precisely the experience of these six months that gave Fly new insights.

  "Actually, things in the past, including difficulties we will encounter in the future, are only temporary difficulties. It is best not to think of them as big difficulties."

  From a spectator's perspective, Fly's mentality has indeed become more stable than before.

At the same moment when he faced huge pressure, his emotional ups and downs were smaller.


Photo provided by interviewee

  There are many things that I have let go of, but there are still many things that I cannot let go of.

In Fly's own words, this transfer was "brought with regret".

He actually participated in the Hangzhou Asian Games as a torchbearer, but he hopes to be on the Asian Games court.

  Fly once asked the Asian Games contestants privately how they felt, and the answer he got was a shock that cannot be described in words.

When Fly recited this answer, his tone was full of unabashed yearning.

  Such regrets have become one of the motivations for him to continue playing games. If there is still an Asian Games version of Honor of Kings in the Nagoya Asian Games in 2026, Fly hopes to participate, which happens to be the 10th year of his career.

  Fly said: "I can't guarantee how long I can maintain this state, but what I can guarantee is that I will carry out every game and every day of training seriously and go all out."

Form 2

  Playing in the 10th year is Fly's goal, and many fans hope that he can achieve "10 championships in 10 years."

When this topic was brought up, Fly said with a smile: "Don't I have 8 crowns now? I would like to win more if possible."


Photo provided by interviewee

  This is a somewhat surprising answer, but coming from someone who considers himself to be a "middle schooler", it seems so logical.

  "I prefer watching anime about counterattacks. I firmly believe that I will be able to make a comeback if I go against the wind." When Fly said this, he seemed very happy. He was already talkative and couldn't help but talk more. He was indeed a bit "secondary". His appearance is not the same as his composure on the field.

  In fact, looking back on Fly's past experience, from working as a waiter in a hotel kitchen to "The Highest Mountain" in the Honor of Kings professional arena, the period must have been filled with plots that only appear in secondary anime.

  In the first game after the Spring Festival, Fly and his teammates will go to Chongqing to face the Wolves.

Chongqing is Fly’s hometown and the home stadium of Wolves.

He narrowed his eyes and said with a smile, wondering whether the Chongqing audience would support him or the Wolves.

  Of course, facing off against the old club is only part of the story of the next chapter of this anime, and the plot envisioned by Fly is much more than that.

"The next plot is a very challenging plot, because this plot has only appeared in anime."

  He didn't mention the specific details, but he seemed very confident. He probably had rehearsed it in his mind.

Fly said that he already has a challenge mentality, but he doesn't know how long it will take to turn his vision into reality.

  In the coming days, the situations Fly will encounter will certainly not be easy to deal with.

But the middle school boy said: "It's cool to do these challenging things." (End)