China News Service, Busan, South Korea, February 22 (Liu Xu Jiang Chunyu) On the 21st, the 2024 Busan World Table Tennis Team Championship entered the knockout stage. The Chinese men's team defeated the Romanian men's team with a big score of 3:0 that day and competed with the National Table Tennis Team. The women's team advanced to the quarterfinals together.

  The first round of the day pitted Wang Chuqin against Ovidiu Ionescu.

Wang Chuqin fell behind his opponent at the beginning, then quickly adjusted his state to tie, and finally won the first round with a 3:0 advantage.

After the game, Wang Chuqin said that this was the first time he played against his opponent and the opponent took the lead in controlling the rhythm of the game. He gradually recovered the score through subsequent adjustments to his state. After winning the beginning, he left himself a buffer time, and then gradually got better.

  The second round pitted Fan Zhendong against Edward Ionescu.

Fan Zhendong played well in the beginning, but was in a stalemate with his opponent later on, and fell slightly behind in the third game. However, he quickly adjusted his form and won the second round 3:0.

After the game, Fan Zhendong said that he had good control of the rhythm at the beginning of the game. Entering the second stage of the game, he also hopes that he can be more dedicated and focused in the game and perform at a better level.

  The third round pitted Malone against Movilianu.

In the first two games, Malone and his opponent were in a stalemate, but in the end he easily won three games by quickly grasping the rhythm of the game, and finally won with a 3:0 advantage.

After the game, Malone said that although it was his first time playing against the opponent, he was well prepared and understood the opponent's situation in advance, so the whole game went smoothly.

The whole team will be fully prepared for the next game.

  According to the World Table Tennis Championships schedule, on the 22nd, the National Table Tennis Team will start the quarter-finals in two lines. The women's team will face the South Korean team in the afternoon, and the men's team will face the Japanese team in the evening.