Major League Baseball's Mets pitcher Kodai Senga did not appear at the entire camp practice on the 21st, complaining of arm fatigue.

Coach Mendoza expressed his attitude of carefully monitoring the progress, saying, ``We need to get more information.''

On the 21st, Mets pitcher Chiga did not show up to the pitching staff's training camp in Port St. Lucie, Florida, where he was scheduled to participate.

Regarding this, Mets manager Mendoza was interviewed after practice and explained about Chiga's condition, ``He complained of arm fatigue after yesterday's practice, so a trainer checked on him indoors on the 22nd.''

Pitcher Chiga threw 41 pitches in the bullpen two days ago on the 19th, and the next day, the 20th, he exercised his body as usual by playing catch, fielding practice, and shadow pitching in the bullpen.

When asked whether he would undergo detailed tests such as an MRI scan in the future, Coach Mendoza said, ``We need to get more information,'' indicating that he would be carefully monitoring the progress.

Pitcher Chiga led the team with 12 wins in his first year last season, and American media has listed Chiga as a candidate to be the opening pitcher.