Atlético Suzuka of the JFL has announced that Yasutoshi Miura has resigned as manager.

Coach Miura was appointed three years ago in July 2021 when the team name was Suzuka Point Getters, and the following year, his younger brother Kazu, also known as Tomoyoshi Miura, joined the team, and the team's fighting style attracted attention.

However, in November of last year, the club deemed that manager Miura's behavior toward players and staff constituted power harassment, and the JFL imposed punishments such as suspending him from the bench for four games starting with the opening game of last season.

According to the club's management company, manager Miura had been worried about his future career since last year, so he submitted his resignation to the president on February 17th and resigned.

Miura said, ``I have decided that it is not appropriate for me to continue as manager for the team's growth.It is difficult to part ways with the local community, fans, and sponsors, but from now on I would like to support them as a fan.'' I am commenting.

There is less than a month until the JFL starts on March 10th, but the coach will be in charge until a successor is chosen.

The club's management company appointed a new president in December of last year and changed the team's name in January in an effort to rid itself of the bad image that had arisen from past scandals.