China News Service, Beijing, February 21st. The 25th Nongshim Cup World Go Team Championship will continue in Shanghai on the 21st. In the 12th game, the Chinese team's third player Ke Jie lost to the South Korean team's main player Shin Zhenzhen and failed to end the game.

  The picture shows the match scene

  The Nongshim Cup World Go Team Championship can be regarded as the highest level Go team competition in the world. In the past 24 games, the Chinese team has won eight times. South Korea leads the way with 15 championships, while Japan has only won one championship.

  The last time the Chinese team won the championship was in 2020, when the team's head coach Ke Jie defeated the South Korean team's head coach Park Ting-hwan in the decisive battle. However, in the past three tournaments, the Korean team achieved three consecutive championships, and Shin Jin-seok finished three times.

  The Nongshim Cup adopts a "chai" competition system. Five chess players from each of the three teams of China, Japan and South Korea take turns to play. The winner defends the challenge and the loser is eliminated. Under this rule, the personal strength of top players plays a huge role, which is one of the reasons why the Korean team won three consecutive championships.

  This competition kicked off in October last year. In the first game, the Korean team's forward Hao Hyun-jun faced the Japanese team's forward Xu Jiayuan. After the first 11 games, the Japanese team has been wiped out, and only Shin Jin-soo is left in the Korean team.

  The Chinese team's lineup for this competition consists of Gu Zihao, Ding Hao, Ke Jie, Zhao Chenyu, and Xie Hao. As a pioneer, Sherhao lived up to expectations and defeated famous Japanese and Korean generals such as Xu Jiayuan, Byun Sang-il, Shimono Toramaru, Yuan Shengqin, Il Rikryo, Park Ting-hwan, and Yu Zhengqi. He single-handedly forced out the leaders of the two teams. He also chased seven consecutive victories. Tied the single Nongshim Cup winning streak record.

  After that, Shin Jin-seok once again appeared as the head coach of the South Korean team. Last year, it was he who defeated the Chinese team leader Gu Zihao in the last game and helped the Korean team win the championship again. This time, Shen Zhenzhen first ended Xie Erhao's winning streak, and then defeated Japanese team leader Yuta Iyama and Chinese team fourth player Zhao Chenyu, thus ushering in today's showdown with Ke Jie.

  Every time Ke Jie and Shen Zhenzhen meet, they attract attention. According to statistics, Ke Jie still has a slight advantage in past match records. However, in the past 6 duels between the two, it was Shin Zhenzhen who won, the most recent of which was the LG Cup semi-finals at the end of last year. However, Ke Jie also said that she is very much looking forward to playing against Shen Zhenzhen in this game, and the Chinese team's goal must be the championship.

  However, after entering this game, Shin Zhenzhen once again showed his strong strength as the number one player in Korean Go today. There were basically no doubts in the first half of the game, and he had a clear advantage by the middle of the game.

  Ke Jie, who was lagging behind, wanted to start a fight and profit from it, but Shen Zhenzhen responded calmly and refused to give him any chance. Looking at the entire game, Black has no obvious bad moves, but he always lags behind and gives people a feeling of being unable to fight.

  In the end, Ke Jie had no choice but to lose, suffering his seventh consecutive defeat against Shen Zhenzhen. After this battle, the Chinese team still has two chess players in this Nongshim Cup, Gu Zihao and Ding Hao. According to the current arrangement, Ding Hao will play tomorrow. (over)