China News Service, Beijing, February 21 (Xinhua) The Chinese Football Association issued a notice on the 21st, banning coach Wu Gaojun nationwide for one year and Shenyang Aosa Qixing Football Club for three months.

  At the "Cornerstone Yuhao Cup" National Youth Winter Training Invitational Tournament held in Beihai, Guangxi on February 7, Shenyang Aosa Qixing and Beijing Kickers competed for the 5th to 8th place in the U10 age group. During the game, young players from the Shenyang Aosa Qixing team committed dangerous fouls and injured people many times.

  Videos uploaded by netizens showed that Shenyang Aosa Qixing coach Wu Gaojun ordered his players to kick many times when his team was lagging behind.

  "xxx, if he ever crosses you again, you'll kick him, do you understand?"

  "If you can't kick the ball, can you hit someone? Can you kick it?"

  "I'm telling you, if you come in again, you'll play like others."

  Video screenshot

  On February 8, the Liaoning Provincial Football Association and the Shenyang Football Association reported penalties to coach Wu Gaojun and Shenyang Aosa Qixing Football Club respectively:

  Wu Gaojun was criticized throughout the province and suspended for 12 months; Shenyang Aosa Qixing Club was criticized throughout the city. In youth competitions at all levels and types organized by the Shenyang Football Association and various district and county (city) football associations, Will be disqualified from the competition for 3 months.

  On February 21, the Chinese Football Association issued a notice extending the scope of the above-mentioned punishment decisions to the whole country, that is, coach Wu Gaojun was banned nationwide for one year and Shenyang Aosa Qixing Football Club was banned nationwide for three months.

  The Chinese Football Association stated that it will resolutely and seriously deal with various violations of regulations and disciplines in accordance with the provisions of the "Chinese Football Association Disciplinary Code" to purify the atmosphere on the field. It is hoped that all parties involved can work together to maintain the order of the game and the hard-won football development environment. (over)