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Coach Niko Laukötter (r.) obviously enjoys a high reputation among the Bocholt II players

Photo: Klumpen Sportfoto / IMAGO

“You never go completely” – says a well-known song by Trude Herr. Niko Laukötter, former coach of the second team of 1. FC Bocholt, had a different opinion: After the club informed him last Saturday that he would only sit in the coaching bench until the end of the current season, he is not only with immediate effect effectively resigned, but took large parts of the interior of the cabin with him. This is reported by the “Bocholter-Borkener-Volksblatt”. 

Laukötter once took over and financed the renovation of the district league team's locker room himself. In the summer of 2020, he provided professional equipment: In addition to personalized cabinets, the players were able to look forward to disco lighting and a relaxation pool, according to the report. Now there is little left of it. The room seems to have been emptied - the former trainer even removed the floor. Laukötter worked for the club in various functions for around 15 years.

You can still change in the cabin

However, the loss of the dressing room is less serious for the club than the strike by its players. Manuel Jara, the club's technical director, told the "Bocholter-Borkener-Volksblatt" that the locker room was "oversized" for the district league A and added: "You can still change in it." That's exactly what the Bocholt II players have But it wasn't done last weekend: Out of solidarity with the former coach, the team did not play against relegation-threatened opponent SV Brünen in the Rees-Bocholt district league A and lost the game 0-2 without a fight.

The team is currently in the middle of a promotion battle. According to Jara, if the first team of 1. FC Bocholt wants to be successful in the regional league or even get promoted to the third league, they have to install a U23. However, if the reserves continue to refuse to play, this goal will become more and more distant. If they don't show up for the third time, 1. FC Bocholt's second team would instead be relegated according to the rules.

It is not yet clear whether the team will play against PSV Wesel II next weekend. Discussions are to take place between those responsible and the team, but according to Jara, a date has not yet been found.