China News Service, Hulunbuir, February 21, titled: "Fourteenth Winter" Observation: The Winter Games venues are also "international"

  China News Service reporter Xing Rui and Xing Chong

  At the Inner Mongolia Ice Sports Training Center on the 20th, the "14th Winter" curling mixed doubles final was in full swing. In addition to the athletes on the field, there was also a group of Russian spectators in the stands that attracted attention.

  When the 14-year-old Igor came to China for the first time, he encountered the highest level of curling competition in China, which made him a "curling fan" and he was very satisfied. "We knew that China was going to host the Winter Games and came here to watch the games. The weather here is as cold as Russia, the ice and snow resources are very rich, and the people here are very enthusiastic and the athletes are excellent."

  The Beijing Winter Olympics two years ago made Igor and his family aware of the rapid development of ice and snow sports in China. In the "post-Winter Olympics era", China has held a national winter sports event for the first time. The "14th Winter" competition venue also has a strong "international style". International friends such as Igor are experiencing first-hand the new ideas and new phenomena of China's ice and snow sports. .

On February 20, at the "Fourteenth Winter" curling mixed doubles final, what attracted attention was not only the athletes on the field, but also a group of Russian spectators in the stands. Photo by China News Service reporter Cui Nan

  Roger Cole is from Canada. He is a referee at the "14th Winter" short track speed skating competition. His first refereeing experience at the Chinese Winter Games left a deep impression on this experienced international referee. : The venues fully meet international competition standards, the enthusiasm of the audience is beyond imagination, and the event staff are very friendly...

  What Cole praised even more was the competitive strength of Chinese short track speed skaters. Sun Long achieved the "Four Crowns" in this competition, winning three men's individual championships. During the competition, he repeatedly expressed his goal of basing himself on winter sports and being on par with the international arena. Cole said that the "14th Winter" proved that Chinese athletes are fully capable of competing with international athletes.

  Ivanov from Bulgaria shares the same view. As the chief referee of the "14th Winter" snowboarding U-shaped field skills competition, he believes that the "14th Winter" venue and organization work have reached the World Cup level. "Here is the best training ground I have ever seen. Everything is very different from when I came to China fifteen years ago. China's top athletes have the ability to compete for medals internationally."

  Serving the goal of preparing for the Milan Winter Olympics and in order to make Chinese athletes more adaptable to the judgment standards of international referees, the "14th Winter" invited some high-level foreign referees to come to China to judge in key events such as short track speed skating and figure skating. . The arrival of internationally renowned referees such as Cole and Ivanov has promoted the "14th Winter" event setting to be in line with international standards and the competitive level to be in line with the world.

During the "14th Winter", some high-level foreign referees were invited to China to judge in key events such as short track speed skating and figure skating. Photo by China News Service reporter Cui Nan

  Through the window of "14th Winter", the outside world once again saw the charm of Chinese culture. During the "Fourteenth Winter", Russian waxer Anastasia Ivanovna was responsible for waxing and maintaining athletes' snowboards. It was her first time coming to China and participating in the Chinese Winter Games. She would walk around after work. “China’s Spring Festival culture particularly attracts me.”

  "I'm very lucky that my job can ensure the smoothness of snowboards and help athletes improve their performance. 'Fourteen Winters' not only showcases the competitive level of Chinese athletes, but also inspires the masses' enthusiasm for participating in ice and snow sports. This is exactly what The charm of "Fourteenth Winter" lies in it." Ivanovna said that she took a lot of photos inside and outside the stadium. After returning home, she will share the photos with her family and friends to introduce Chinese culture to more people.

  Cole was also reluctant to leave Hulunbuir before. He had prepared small gifts with Chinese characteristics for his family. He hoped to have the opportunity to come to China again in the future. He believed that the ice and snow sports here would develop further; after watching the "14th Winter" event, Yi Ge My next stop is planned to go to Manzhouli, "to continue to have a deeper understanding of China." (over)