Professional baseball team Hiroshima held a practice game against DeNA on the 21st at their camp site in Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture, and two new pitchers who are expected to be immediately effective pitched in an overseas game for the first time.

This was the third practice game at the Hiroshima camp, and it was the first time for two left-handed pitchers, pitcher Taichi Taka, who was drafted second, and pitcher Kazuki Takita, who was drafted third, to pitch in an overseas game.

Pitcher Taka became the second pitcher from the 4th inning, and gave a walk to Keita Sano, a senior from Koryo High School, who was at the top of the pitch, but he allowed the following players to hit and got through without giving up any runs, and pitched at the top of the next inning. After giving a four-ball, he was substituted as scheduled.

Pitcher Takita was the fifth pitcher to pitch in the 7th inning, and after suddenly giving up two walks in a row, he grounded out the next batter to shortstop, setting up a double play, and pitched the first inning with no runs allowed.

Among the fielders, fourth-year player Shoichi Futamata showed off with two long hits, including a timely two-base hit to left field.

Hiroshima lost the match 1-2.

Coach Takahiro Arai said, ``The players showed off well in the actual competition.The final season will be filled with actual competition, so I want them to compete even more and show us what they can do.''

The Hiroshima camp has a holiday on the 22nd, and three open games are scheduled for the final season starting on the 23rd.