Padres pitcher Hiroki Matsui, who is challenging himself to the major leagues this season, participated in his second actual pitching practice at this camp, and confirmed his ability to hit high pitches, which he had raised as an issue last time.

On the 19th, Padres pitcher Matsui held his second actual pitching practice at the training camp in Peoria, Arizona, and threw 31 pitches against a total of six batters.

He pitched well, getting two strikeouts.

In addition, he received advice from the batters he faced during his previous pitching practice, and he wanted to use a high fastball pitch at the end of the practice to see how it felt and how the batters reacted.

Pitcher Matsui said that he consciously incorporates a higher pitch pitch even in bullpen pitching practice, saying, ``I'm currently in the process of improving my condition while checking to see what's effective.'' I want to create a situation where I can compete.''

Darvish also practices pitching in a real-life format.

Pitcher Yu Darvish also practiced pitching in a real-life format, pitching 27 pitches against a total of seven batters, resulting in one strikeout, three hit hits, and a walk. There were two.

Pitcher Darvish said, ``Last time I didn't feel very well, so I was thinking of pitching towards the batter.It was good that I was able to pitch more like a game, including eating before practice.I'm healthy so far. I'm doing well, so I think I'm doing well," he said, and seemed to be gradually improving.