China News Service, Beijing, February 20. On the 20th, the overseas social account of Chinese figure skating and ice dancer Liu Xinyu was suspected of posting a number of indecent contents, claiming that Liu Xinyu had violated the law. This incident sparked heated discussions among netizens and quickly topped the list of trending searches on social media.

  At present, the account has been converted to a private account, and the number of fans and other data are abnormal.

  Since then, Chinese figure skating ice dancer and Liu Xinyu's partner Wang Shiyue issued a statement on multiple social media platforms, saying: "Liu Xinyu's foreign social media accounts were maliciously hacked, and the content posted was not posted by him. The police have been dealt with."

  The picture shows a screenshot of Wang Shiyue’s statement

  The picture shows a screenshot of Wang Shiyue’s overseas platform statement

  In accordance with the pre-match training sequence for the figure skating events of the 14th National Winter Games (referred to as "14th Winter"), Liu Xinyu and Wang Shiyue conducted on-ice training as planned this afternoon.

  Afterwards, the account of Liu Xinyu's partner Wang Shiyue released a statement written by Liu Xinyu, saying that Liu Xinyu and Wang Shiyue were very angry about this matter. "Hello everyone, my name is Liu Xinyu. My INS account has been stolen by others and false information has been posted. Currently, my personal Weibo account cannot be logged in. Wang Shiyue and I are currently preparing for training at the critical moment of the competition tomorrow. , we are very angry when this happens." Liu Xinyu said that he had called the police and was waiting for the police's follow-up treatment.

  The schedule announced on the "Fourteen Winters" website shows that the figure skating open group ice dance rhythm dance competition will be held on the afternoon of February 21, and the team ice dance free dance competition will be held on February 22.

  Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu knelt down and hugged each other after the figure skating ice dance free dance competition at the Beijing Winter Olympics. (File photo) Photo by China News Service reporter Cui Nan

  Public information shows that the Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu combination won 12th place in the ice dance event of figure skating at the Beijing Winter Olympics, setting a new record for Chinese ice dance in the Winter Olympics. (over)