Major League Baseball player Seiya Suzuki of the Cubs has entered his third year of training camp with Seiichi Uchikawa, whom he invited to serve as his advisor in Arizona.

Suzuki participated in the Cubs fielders' camp that started in Mesa, Arizona on the 19th.

Suzuki, who had already been training on his own at the campsite, did some free batting after warming up, and out of 31 swings, five of them were home runs that went over the outfield fence.

He then took three turns at bat during actual batting practice, and although he didn't have any hits, he said, ``I saw the ball well.''

Suzuki said, ``I'm moving in a much better condition than last year.I've had a lot of fluctuations in my condition so far, so I want to eliminate the fluctuations this season and build my body so that I can compete solidly throughout the year.'' Ta.

This is his third season in the Major Leagues, and he has invited Mr. Uchikawa, who has been active at Softbank and other companies, to serve as his advisor, and he has been training with him since his professional baseball days. I was practicing while doing it.

Suzuki said, ``I received advice from him during the season last year, so I asked him to give me a good look before the season this year so that I can move in the right direction. Mr. Uchikawa is the one who introduced this baseball to Japan. I think it will be a good opportunity for both of us, so I think it will be a good opportunity for both of us."

Mr. Uchikawa said, ``I think he has the ability to hit .30, so I want to listen to what kind of batting he is aiming for and support him, while also making this two weeks a positive experience for me.''