China News Service, Hulunbuir, February 20 (Reporter Xing Chong) The curling mixed doubles open group competition of the 14th National Winter Games ushered in the final on the 20th. The Heilongjiang team and the Fujian team fought to overtime, and in the end veteran Baade Xin With Jiang Yilun's experience, he represented the Heilongjiang team and won the championship with a narrow win over Wang Zhiyu/Zhu Zeyangxu 7:6. The Fujian Curling Team, which participated in the National Winter Games for the first time, won the runner-up and also made history. In the men's youth ice hockey competition, the Hong Kong team defeated the Jilin team 9:3 and achieved two consecutive victories.

  The Fujian curling team will make its first appearance in domestic competitions in 2023 and is the first provincial team in ice and snow sports in the history of Fujian Province. As a young team participating in the Winter Games for the first time, the Fujian team achieved 7 wins and 2 losses in the mixed doubles round-robin stage, ranking second in the standings and advancing to the semi-finals. They also narrowly defeated the Beijing team 8:7 through extra games to advance to the final. .

  In the first six games of the final that day, the two sides tied at 4:4; in the seventh game, the Heilongjiang team missed a "double fly" opportunity in the last pot, allowing the opponent to score 2 points; Jiang Yilun withstood the pressure in the eighth game and performed stably in the last pot. Entering the "center of the circle", the score reached a 6:6 tie, and the two teams entered overtime.

  In the overtime, Wang Zhiyu of the Fujian team knocked his scoring pot out of bounds, and teammate Zhu Zeyangxu failed to spin the pot in the end. The Heilongjiang team, with more practical experience, seized on the opponent's mistakes and won a thrilling victory with a 1-point advantage. "Our opponents are physically stronger than us, so we just stay calm and rely on our experience to drag the game to the end to see who is more nervous," Badxin said.

On February 20, the mixed doubles final of the curling (open group) of the 14th National Winter Games was held in Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia. The Heilongjiang team, composed of Bad Xin and Jiang Yilun, narrowly defeated Fujian team Wang Zhiyu/Zhu Zeyangxu with a score of 7-6 in the extra round and won the gold medal. The picture shows the Heilongjiang team (center) on the podium. Photo by China News Service reporter Cui Nan

  The Fujian team led three times in the finals. Although it was a bit regretful that they missed the championship, coach Li Hongbo said that it was an unexpected surprise to win the runner-up place. "The two players performed very well and played relatively steadily in every game." He also said that the Fujian team currently focuses on joint training and talent introduction. After the "14th Winter" competition, it will pay more attention to the development of local Fujian athletes. nourish.

  The men's youth ice hockey competition continued. After defeating the Tianjin team 4:1 in the first game, the Hong Kong team won another victory, defeating the Jilin team with a score of 9:3, winning two consecutive victories since the start of the game.

  In this game, Hong Kong team Zheng Anzhe scored two goals and also sent an assist. After the game, he said that the team played very well in this game. They put pressure on their opponents from the first quarter and quickly created some opportunities and scored goals.

  This is the first time that the Hong Kong team has participated in the youth ice hockey competition of the Winter Games. Their consecutive victories over the Tianjin team and the Jilin team also gave the team more confidence. They revealed that the goal for the Winter Games is to reach the top four. Next, the Hong Kong ice hockey team will also face the host Inner Mongolia team.

  Affected by strong windy weather, the freestyle skiing giant jump and slopestyle events, and the snowboarding giant platform and slopestyle events originally scheduled to start in the Zhalantun competition area on the 20th were postponed. According to reports, due to the low temperature on the 20th, accompanied by strong winds and low body temperature, taking into account factors such as the safety of athletes during the competition, the executive committee decided to temporarily postpone the originally scheduled competition. Winter Olympics champion Su Yiming's Winter Games debut will also be postponed as a result.

  In the Liangcheng competition area, a total of 4 gold medals were awarded in the men's and women's open and youth groups in the freestyle skiing slalom pursuit. Freestyle ski slalom pursuit is a racing event that showcases athletes' comprehensive abilities such as speed, skill, explosive power and balance, so competition is fierce. In the women's open group final, Zhang Xuelian of Heilongjiang team jumped from the last wave slope and crashed into Pan Yuchen of Sichuan team who was almost neck and neck, causing the latter to fall to the ground. Although Zhang Xuelian crossed the finish line first, the referee ruled that Zhang Xuelian had a collision foul and won the silver medal, while Pan Yuchen won the gold medal.

  The "14th Winter" figure skating open competition will kick off on the 21st. On the 20th, each team will conduct open training before the competition. Jin Boyang, Liu Xinyu, Wang Shiyue and other players who have participated in the Beijing Winter Olympics will appear one after another. The figure skating powerhouse Beijing team competes in the "14th Winter" with a luxurious lineup composed of the main players of the national team. It is competitive in many events. Sichuan, Guangdong, Hong Kong and other teams also have the ability to win medals. (over)