China News Service, Xing'an League, February 20th, title: Bai Jingying, the flag-bearer at the opening ceremony of the "14th Winter": a moment of glory, an unforgettable life

  Author Zhang Wei Jiang Nan Wang Haoyu

  "The moment I entered the venue, the atmosphere was warm and I was very excited." On the 20th, Bai Jingying, the flag bearer at the opening ceremony of the 14th National Winter Games (referred to as "14th Winter") and a national model for poverty alleviation, said in an exclusive interview with reporters , the few minutes holding the flag at the opening ceremony of the "Fourteenth Winter" will be unforgettable for her.

  On February 17, the "Fourteenth Winter" opened in Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. A flag-bearing team composed of 8 role models and advanced workers of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region entered the opening ceremony holding the "14th Winter" flag. Bai Jingying, president of the Mongolian Embroidery Association of Keyouzhong Banner, Xing'an League, was one of them.

The picture shows a flag-bearing team composed of 8 role models and advanced workers of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region entering the opening ceremony holding the "14th Winter" flag. Bai Jingying (second from left) is one of them. Photo courtesy of Xing'an Mengrong Media Center

  Bai Jingying told reporters that before the Spring Festival, she was notified to be selected as the flag bearer. "I was both nervous and excited at the time. The 'Fourteenth Winter' was the first major national winter sports event held in China after the Beijing Winter Olympics, and it was also the first national large-scale comprehensive sports event hosted by Inner Mongolia. Being able to serve as the flag bearer at the opening ceremony was a great achievement. It's an honor for me, and it's also a pride for the tens of thousands of 'Prairie Embroiderers' behind me."

  Mongolian embroidery is a handicraft skill developed by the Mongolian people in China during their long-term production and life. In 2008, Mongolian embroidery was selected into the "China's Second Batch National Intangible Cultural Heritage Catalog".

  The Mongolian embroidery in Keyouzhong Banner can be said to have "began in the royal palace, flourished among the common people, and was hidden in the streets and villages." It is a unique local grassland cultural treasure.

  In 2016, Bai Jingying, who has been learning Mongolian embroidery since she was a child, took the initiative to take on the responsibility and became the promoter of the "Keyou Middle Banner Mongolian Embroidery Poverty Alleviation Plan". She had no money to buy patterns, so she designed and drew Mongolian embroidery patterns on white paper. There are more than a thousand embroidery products and thousands of embroidery patterns available all by her own hand.

  Over the years, Bai Jingying has led rural women to "make flowers grow at their fingertips" through unified training management, unified material distribution, unified finished product recycling, and unified income settlement.

  In 2021, Bai Jingying won the honorary title of "National Model in Poverty Alleviation".

The picture shows Bai Jingying taking photos at the opening ceremony of the "14th Winter". Photo courtesy of Bai Jingying

  In the past eight years, Bai Jingying has deeply integrated the embroidery industry with intangible inheritance, poverty alleviation, rural revitalization and national unity. She has not only inherited, protected and developed folk art, promoted Mongolian embroidery nationwide, but also "fingertips" Art" is transformed into a "fingertip economy".

  "For me now, every courage and persistence are given to me by the 'Prairie Embroiderers'." Bai Jingying said that she is relatively older in the flag-bearing team. During training, she never It takes a long time to walk from home to the venue, but I insist on never being late.

  Training with her teammates every day, for half an hour or an hour, is rewarding for her. “I feel very proud to be able to complete the task of carrying the flag with model representatives from all over the autonomous region.”

  Bai Jingying still remembers the day of the opening ceremony. Before going on stage, she deliberately recalled some details that she needed to pay attention to in her usual flag-holding training. She went over the entire rehearsal process over and over in her mind to prepare for the live broadcast.

The picture shows the flag-bearing team taking a group photo at the opening ceremony of the "14th Winter". Photo courtesy of Bai Jingying

  Bai Jingying, who has served as the torchbearer for the 2022 Winter Paralympics, still has a lot of "stage experience". She held her head high, smiled and waved... Within a few minutes of entering the venue, Bai Jingying said that her biggest feeling was "seeing A prosperous Inner Mongolia." "Not only did we successfully host the 'Fourteenth Winter', we also showed the sports spirit of Inner Mongolia and the 'Mongolian Horse Spirit' to the people across the country."

  Bai Jingying said that in 2024, she will cherish it even more, work harder, and continue to train embroidery workers and promote embroidery products on the original basis. "This year's work schedule is basically full. We plan to launch different embroidery exhibitions based on festival themes to increase the popularity of Mongolian embroidery." (End)