Urawa Reds, a J1 soccer team, held a symposium by a third-party committee in response to the issue of violent behavior by supporters at an Emperor's Cup match, and will review the disciplinary system and take a thorough response to prevent recurrence. We have made recommendations such as:

Last August, during the Emperor's Cup fourth round match between Nagoya Grampus and Urawa Reds held in Nagoya City, Reds supporters were violent towards the opposing team's supporters and security staff, and there were incidents of Reds supporters attacking the opposing team's banners and inside the stadium. and damaged some of the installations.

The Japan Football Association has disqualified the Reds from participating in the next Emperor's Cup.

In response to this issue, the Reds established a third-party committee of experts to consider measures to prevent recurrence, and the details were reported at a symposium held in Saitama City on the night of the 16th.

As a result of interviews with supporters and related parties, it was found that the temperament of supporters, such as ``I don't like excessive cheering'' or ``If I get beaten by my opponent, it's not the end of the world'' may have led to the trouble, and we are making changes. It was pointed out that it was necessary.

After that, we reported recommendations such as reviewing the disciplinary system, including legal measures, and taking appropriate measures against acts of violence, and establishing a highly independent compliance department within the club.

Reds President Makoto Taguchi said, ``I think the most important thing is how to put the recommendations into action.We will carry out the measures thoroughly with unwavering leadership.''