The Major League Baseball team's Dodgers camp was held on the 11th, with scenes such as Shohei Ohtani watching pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto's pitching practice with the leaders.

On the 11th, the third day of the Dodgers' training camp in Glendale, Arizona, Otani and pitcher Yamamoto appeared on the walkway connecting the field and the indoor practice field just before 10 a.m., drawing loud cheers from the gathered fans. It has risen.

Approximately an hour later, pitcher Yamamoto entered the bullpen, and Ohtani watched his pitching practice along with Manager Roberts, General Manager Gorms, and other leaders.

In addition to chatting with Manager Roberts without the aid of interpreter Ippei Mizuhara, Ohtani also talked with pitcher Yamamoto about pitch types and other topics, sometimes smiling.

Although Otani was not seen practicing outdoors that day, he will continue to practice mainly on training and batting while rehabilitating his right elbow, which underwent surgery.

Yoshinobu Yamamoto "Let's enter the season in the best condition"

Pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto entered the bullpen for the second time in this camp and threw 34 pitches.

After warming up by throwing a stick with a feather attached to it like a javelin, pitcher Yamamoto headed to the field with Shohei Otani and got active by stretching and playing catch with his teammates.

Then, just before 11 a.m., he practiced pitching in the bullpen for the second time in this camp. Pitcher Yamamoto threw 34 pitches, and he threw all kinds of curve balls, including curveballs and split balls. He also pitched from a set position to get a feel for him.

Pitcher Yamamoto was the last pitcher in the bullpen to practice pitching under the watchful eye of Otani and Manager Roberts, and in the final stages, more than 50 players, coaches, and staff members came to watch Yamamoto pitch. We gathered together.

After he finished pitching, he spent about 15 minutes having a detailed discussion with his catcher and pitching coach about the course he was aiming for each breaking ball, the position of his mitt, etc., and seemed to be more aware of the actual pitch.

Pitcher Yamamoto was interviewed by the press after practice and said, ``I think he's calmed down little by little and is concentrating on practicing.''He also talked about his pitching practice in the bullpen, saying, ``I was able to pitch my own pitches.The quality of the balls.'' It's only my second time as a player, so I think I'll be on track if I can improve from now on.I feel like the ball is a little different, but I want to make adjustments while listening to the advice of my teammates and coaches.''

``I think the more times I pitch in the bullpen, the closer I can get to pitching in a game, so I want to do my best to enter the season in the best possible condition,'' he said as he braced himself for the start of the season, which will be his first in the major leagues. I did.