DeNA professional baseball team held its first practice game at the camp held in Okinawa, and 20-year-old pitcher Hosuke Fukazawa, who was selected as the starting pitcher, pitched two innings without giving up any runs, demonstrating his goal of joining the starting rotation. did.

On the 12th, the 3rd day of the 3rd camp, DeNA held its first practice match against Chunichi in Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture.

DeNA pitcher Shota Imanaga, who had a total of 64 wins including winning the title for most strikeouts last season, was transferred to the Cubs of the Major Leagues using the posting system, and the maintenance of the starting pitching staff has become an issue. .

Under these circumstances, Fukasawa, a 20-year-old pitcher in his third year as a professional, was chosen as the starter for the first overseas game of this season.He is a right-handed, side-throwing pitcher with great control.

Although he has not pitched in the first team, last season he pitched in 18 games as a starter in the second team, leading the team in six wins and posting an ERA of 3.28.He is a promising young prospect.

Pitcher Fukasawa, who is aiming to enter the starting rotation this season, had a hit in the first inning that put out a runner, but he sent his signature slider, which curves around 40 centimeters wide, from the left-handed batter's out-course ball zone into the strike zone and hit the infield. They got through without giving up a run, including hitting a ground ball.

In the second inning, he held down the batter with a fastball and held it down by three players, pitching 35 pitches in the second inning, allowing one hit and no runs, and getting two strikeouts.

Pitcher Fukazawa said, ``I was able to use my characteristic control well.I think the innings are going to get longer from now on, so I want to be able to pitch in my own way.''

In addition, Takateru Watarai, who joined the team in first place in the draft from ENEOS, an adult baseball team, started as the first batter and right fielder, and in his third at-bat, in the fifth inning, with no outs and the bases loaded, he hit a sacrifice fly and scored his first RBI. He made a no-hitter in only two at-bats.