China News Service, Beijing, February 9th. On the 8th local time, the Doha World Swimming Championships will determine the gold medals in three events. Chinese combination Yang Hao/Lian Junjie successfully defended their title in the men's synchronized 10-meter diving in Taichung with a clear advantage; Chinese sisters Liu Yi/Wang Qianyi won the women's synchronized swimming synchronized free choice, achieving all the gold medals in the women's synchronized swimming event. So far, the Chinese team has won 12 gold medals in this World Championships.

  The final event in open water, the men's and women's mixed 4x1500m relay, ended on the same day. The Chinese team's lineup, consisting of Xin Xin, Mao Yihan, Zhang Jinhou, and Liu Peixin, finally finished in 11th place, and the championship was won by the Australian team.

  At this World Championships, the Tokyo Olympics men's synchronized 10-meter platform champion and British star Daley's comeback has added suspense to the Chinese combination Yang Hao/Lian Junjie's road to gold. During the competition, Daley and his partner Williams followed closely in the first three jumps, but made varying degrees of errors in the last three jumps. The Chinese team has always been in the leading position, scoring 104.34 points on the last jump of 109C, the highest single jump score in the game, and finally won the championship with a total score of 470.76 points. Daley/Williams won the silver medal, and last year's World Championship runner-up, the Ukrainian pair Bolyukh/Sheleda won the bronze.

  The Chinese sisters Liu Yi/Wang Qianyi defeated the Dutch combination by a slight margin of 0.2750 points with their improved movement "Cheetah" and won the women's free synchronized swimming synchronized swimming gold medal, winning both the technical free and free free synchronized swimming titles at this year's World Championships. Women's doubles gold medal. During the game, the two men's movements were quite explosive, and their difficulty was also recognized by the judges.

  On the 9th local time, two gold medals will be decided at the Doha World Swimming Championships. In the diving event, whether Chinese players Chen Yiwen and Chang Yani, who did not perform satisfactorily in the preliminaries, can adjust in time and hit the gold medal in the women's single 3-meter springboard has become the main focus. In the synchronized swimming event, the Chinese team ranked first in the preliminaries will launch an attack on the collective free choice for three consecutive championships. (over)