At the Professional Baseball Giants' training camp in Miyazaki City, rookie pitcher Yuyo Nishidate, who was ranked first in the draft, pitched against a batter for the first time in actual practice and demonstrated stable pitching with strikes first.

Pitcher Nishidate, who joined the team as the No. 1 draft pick from Chuo University like manager Shinnosuke Abe, is an authentic right-handed pitcher who is known for his fastball speed of 155km/h and the ability to throw with quick motion even when there are no runners.

On the 7th, the second day of the second season, actual sheet batting was held, and pitcher Nishidate pitched against a batter for the first time since becoming a professional pitcher.

Pitcher Nishidate, who said he was conscious of pitching in a well-balanced manner, pitched to eight batters in a situation where there were no runners on second base and one ball and one strike, and although he got two hits, he missed a ball and got a strikeout. He put together a certain fastball and a breaking ball with good control by striking first.

Pitcher Nishidate said, ``I'm glad I was able to throw my ball from the first pitch in his first actual game.However, there were some breaking balls that missed, so I want to work on that in the future.''

On the other hand, left-handed pitcher Teppei Mataki, who joined the team in fifth place in the draft, showed good pitching by skillfully using slow and slow pitches against six batters, not allowing any hits, and getting four strikeouts.

Pitcher Mataki said, ``My theme was to compete in the strike zone.I want to keep up the momentum from here and do my best without slowing down.''

Manager Abe said, ``I think Pitcher Nishidate will move up one or two ranks, so there's no cause for concern. Also, Pitcher Mataki is attractive because he has a form that doesn't feel strong and he can miss swings.'' was evaluating his pitching.