China News Service, Harbin, February 3 (Reporter Wang Nina) On February 3, the 2024 Harbin Winter Triathlon World Cup and National Winter Triathlon Championships kicked off at the Sun Island Snow Expo Park in Harbin. Participants from 21 countries The "Iron Man" split the ice and snow in the ice city and competed competitively, showing off his "Iron Man" style.

A total of nearly a thousand people participated in the competition that day. Photo by Wang Chenglong

  The triathlon consists of three events: snow cross-country running, snow biking, and cross-country skiing. Athletes from 21 countries including China, Italy, Germany, Mongolia, France, Romania, and Japan participated in this competition, including players ranked 1st, 2nd, and 4th in the world, which highlights that this competition The competition is the highest level of winter triathlon in the world. The 2024 National Winter Triathlon Championship was also held on the same day, and winter triathletes and enthusiasts from all over the world participated in the open group and experience group competitions, with nearly a thousand participants.

"Ironmen" from 21 countries chopped ice and snow in the Ice City. Photo by Wang Chenglong

  Harbin, the venue for this competition, is known as the "City of Olympic Champions", the "Double Winter Olympics" city, and the "Winter Iron City". In 2020, the Harbin Winter Triathlon World Cup was held here for the first time. The competition settled in Asia for the first time. Four years later, this top international sports event was held again in Harbin.

  As the venue for the event, the Sun Island Snow Expo has rich ice and snow resources, and has unique advantages in track conditions, ice and snow culture, etc. The event relies on the original geography of the Sun Island Scenic Area. In the Sun Island Snow Expo, the main snow sculpture "Edelweiss" 》The main venue is set up in front of the venue, and the players walk through the track and the group of snow sculptures, truly realizing "the competition in the scenery, the scenery in the competition".

Competitors in cross-country skiing events. Photo by Wang Chenglong

  "I've raced all over the world and this is the most beautiful track I've ever seen." said Biamba Zaganbat, technical representative of the World Triathlon Federation.

  After fierce competition, Italian athlete Alessandro Saravalle won the championship of the men's elite group, German athlete Sebastian Neef won the runner-up, and Italian athlete Franco Pesavento won the third runner-up. The women's elite group crown was won by Chinese athlete Tenzin Yula, and Lu Senyao won the runner-up; from Tashi Dundup and Pema Yangjin from the Heilongjiang Provincial Snow Training Center won the championships in the men's and women's junior running and skating events respectively. In other categories, Wei Zichao, GALANEV NIKOLAI, Yang Yu, and Dou Wei won the championships in the four male age categories respectively, and Ren Tong, LUZIK IULIIA, GATAULLINA OLGA, and Ren Shufang won the four female age categories. Winning the laurels. Xu Chenglin and Xue Haiying won the men's and women's championships in both riding and running respectively.

The award ceremony of the competition. Photo by Wang Chenglong

  "The successful holding of this event will play a positive role in promoting the integrated development of the ice and snow industry and promoting the construction of the core area of ​​Harbin, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization ice and snow sports demonstration zone. It is also a gift to the 2025 Harbin Asian Winter Games." The executive responsible for the competition. Song Jizheng said that before the opening ceremony, Mr. Biamba Zaganbat awarded him the "World Triathlon Special Contribution Award" on behalf of the World Triathlon Federation in recognition of his contribution in promoting the vigorous development of winter triathlon. contribution.

  This event is sponsored by the World Triathlon Federation, China Triathlon Association, Heilongjiang Provincial Sports Bureau and Harbin Municipal People's Government, and hosted by Harbin Municipal Sports Bureau, Harbin New District Management Committee, etc. (over)