It was emotional when Daniel Ståhl received the Bragdguldet.

The discus thrower's grandmother Leila was on stage.

When Ståhl saw his grandmother on stage, he burst into both laughter and tears while Leila gave a speech in Finnish.

- Continue in the same way with sisu, eat Finnish rye bread and enjoy life.

Forward, forward!, says Leila.

Daniel Ståhl won WC gold this summer when he set a new championship record with 71.46 meters in the sixth and final throw - and secured his second WC gold in his career.

- 2023 was a year in which there were many fantastic sporting achievements.

Many achievements that clearly had a stamp of achievement on them.

That I get this in such fierce competition makes me happy, proud and honoured, says Ståhl.

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Photo: Morgan Norman

Sports Gala 2024

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Here are all the prizes to be awarded tonight:

Female athlete of the year -

Sarah Sjöström, Isabelle Haak, Tove Alexandersson, Sandra Näslund

Male Athlete of the Year -

Armand Duplantis

Performance of the year -

Armand Duplantis, Daniel Ståhl, Sara Sjöström, Hanna Öberg

Newcomer of the year -

Ludvig Åberg

Team of the year -

Jonatan Hellvig and David Åhman

Leaders of the year -

Henrik Ankarcrona, Peter Gerhardsson and Magnus Wikman, Rasmus Jonsson and Anders Kristiansson, Johannes Lukas

The Jerring Prize -

Ebba Andersson, Armand Duplantis, Jonatan Hellvig and David Åhman, Sandra Näslund, Daniel Ståhl

Ida Ekroth

SVT Reporter

Right now

Gekå •

Hasn't the camera found Gunde because he's supposed to be there?

I haven't seen Gunde yet.

But maybe he just hasn't been caught on camera?

Ida Ekroth

SVT Reporter

1 minute

Gekå💙🤍 •

And this year's moderator in the chat is???????

Who do you think?

(say it right now....)

Ida Ekroth

SVT Reporter

2 min

Tyra •

A sports gala without Sarah getting a prize is a rubbish gala.

Sarah Sjöström is the biggest star.

Sarah is huge!

Ida Ekroth

SVT Reporter

3 min

This year's pepper is "Hello Stranger"!

Ida Ekroth

SVT Reporter

3 min

Mittbacken •

Hellvig and Åhman fine role models.

Will be happy to see them play.

Good choice.

3 min

Linda •

Has not been involved from the beginning but hopes that Näslund will receive an award.

How can she not be nominated for performance of the year?

She won everything she could last year.

Hope for her anyway.

Otherwise, congratulations to the winners.

She can win both the female athlete of the year and the Jerring prize.

Ida Ekroth

SVT Reporter

4 min

Kim •

Had hoped for the national football team, they really showed what team spirit is this summer, but at the same time it's good that smaller sports get to be seen :)

4 min

Elias •

The Sports Mirror Prize is awarded this year, the finest prize in my opinion.

It makes it!

Ida Ekroth

SVT Reporter

4 min


Volleyball is one of the world's biggest sports

5 minutes


Good dick there!