Hulunbuir, January 1 (CNN) -- The C position is out of the circle, and the ice and snow feast in the atmosphere of "Fourteen Winters" is out

Author: Zhang Wei, Zhang Dongyang

The 14th National Winter Games (referred to as the "14th Winter") is about to open in Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, this winter, with the help of the east wind, through the construction of "ice and snow + tourism", "ice and snow + sports" and "ice and snow + culture" of the new industrial format, Hulunbuir tourism is also warm.

At the beginning of the new year, tourists from all over the world will gather here to watch the games, enjoy the ice, play in the snow, and go to a feast of ice and snow.

Recently, in Zhalantun Jinlong Mountain Ski Resort, the National Snowboard and Freestyle Skiing Big Air Championships and other national-level events are in full swing, making the competition area lively, and a large number of tourists come from afar to enjoy the passion of watching the game while experiencing the joy of skiing.

The picture shows tourists "gathering" Zhalantun Jinlong Mountain Ski Resort. Photo by Cheng Jitang

Heilongjiang tourist Sun Jipeng is a senior ski enthusiast, he told reporters that the snow quality in Zhalantun is very good, some snow events in the "14th Winter" will be held here, and all the supporting facilities of the ski resort are also very perfect, "bringing us a good ski experience." ”

Hulunbuir is located in the northeast of Inner Mongolia, where the snowfall period is as long as 7 months, abundant snow, excellent snow quality, combined with the unique resource endowment of natural snow resorts, so that Hulunbuir, which has a deep cultural heritage of ice and snow sports, has become the "chosen son" of the "<>th Winter".

The "Fourteenth Winter" was held in Inner Mongolia, which was a meeting between ice and snow, and it was also a two-way event.

Due to hosting the "18th Winter" related events, Zhalantun Jinlongshan Ski Resort has carried out many upgrades of software and hardware facilities, and the total number of existing ski slopes has reached <>. Visitors can not only experience the snow competition venue, but also enjoy snowmobiles, ice and snow parks and other entertainment projects.

Since the start of the "300th Winter" qualifying tournament, Zhalantun Jinlongshan Ski Resort has received an average of about 1 tourists per day. Since January, the ski resort has earned nearly 50,<> yuan.

In order to let the "cold resources" burst out with the "heat effect", Inner Mongolia continues to enhance the influence of winter tourism.

Not long ago, the 10th Inner Mongolia Ice and Snow Naadam held in Hulunbuir drove and promoted winter tourism with obvious benefits: the number of participants exceeded 5000,<> people, driving ice and snow-related consumption to more than <> million yuan.

The picture shows the "14th Winter" curling (youth group) competition at the Inner Mongolia Ice Sports Training Center. Photo by Wang Kaichao

"Skiing has allowed me to make a lot of friends. Yu Baolong, a tourist from Jilin, said, "After the opening of the '14th Winter', I will bring more relatives and friends to travel and cheer for the athletes." ”

In the past few days, the "Fourteenth Winter" curling (youth group) event is being held at the Inner Mongolia Ice Sports Training Center, the main venue of the "Fourteenth Winter" in Hailar District, Hulunbuir City, and a large number of tourists have come to watch the game. The venues and facilities not only meet the needs of the event, but also allow visitors to feel the atmosphere of the competition in the stadium.

After watching the games, tourists can also go to the hinterland of Hulunbuir grassland to immerse themselves in the "three arts of men", taste special food, and appreciate intangible cultural heritage.

Gao Fa, marketing director of the Morgrad River Scenic Area of Chenbal Tiger Banner in Hulunbuir City, said that since the winter operation of the scenic spot, there has been a continuous stream of tourists, and even the Russian research team has been repeatedly received. "At the moment, there are more and more bookings from tourists and tour groups, and this winter is 'burning'. (ENDS)