The economic situation for Umeå BSKT is really acute.

"With the help of sponsors and private capital, we have managed to pay off half of the tax debt we had, but we have reconciliation meetings almost every day to try to save the club," says Magnus Lindblom from the management team.

Umeå BSKT has had a tough time financially for several seasons in the top league SBL men.

"We have seen warning signs from Umeå and have been aware of it for a long time. But it's a tough financial situation for many elite teams, not just in basketball, says Fredrik Joulamo, Secretary General of the Swedish Basketball Association and member of the Elite Licensing Board.

Next season uncertain

If Umeå gets its finances in order this season, it is also about trying to get a new elite license to be able to continue playing in the top league next season.

"There are a lot of question marks that need to be straightened out. You can have negative capital and still get an elite license, but you have to have a sustainable plan, a functioning financial model and income that covers all costs," says Fredrik Joulamo.

Playing in different divisions

The top teams in the basketball league own their halls, have restaurants and other businesses adjacent to them that can generate significantly more revenue than Umeå can do.

"We play more or less in a gymnasium with a small kiosk in the corner above the stands. It's actually in a completely different economic division than the big teams such as Norrköping and Luleå, says Magnus Lindblom.