It was in the semi-finals that Emma Ribom fell and thought she was hit by her Norwegian competitor Kristine Stavås Skistad.

Ribom was furious after the final and the Swedish team talked to the jury, but Stavås Skistad was not disqualified.

Also in the opening sprint in Toblach, the Swedish leaders were in the jury to look at an incident that the Norwegian was involved in.

Stavås Skistad retired from the tour as planned after the two sprint races and then published a post on Instagram where she wrote:

"Go home and work out. While the Swedes are in the jury room."

"I think you should have respect"

Linn Svahn didn't like that.

"If a skier has a day ruined after an incident, then I think you should have a lot of respect for what you say after that," she says and continues:

"I find it very difficult to see that Emma, in the situation she was in, before the final stretch, will fall if nothing happens. That's how well I know Emma and that's how good I know she is. I know firsthand what it's like to go into a riot.

Ribom himself also gives his view on the post:

"It's a bit of rubbing salt in the wounds, but she'll have to do that," she says.