During the classic 10 km race in Toblach on New Year's Eve, it became clear that the jury has made up their minds – they will come down forbidden skate cuts.

Linn Svahn was one of those who noticed all the warnings (most of them just verbal) when she was punished.

"Nervous about the card"

In Davos, first a sprint awaits today and then a new classic race over 20 kilometers tomorrow.

There are double risks involved in picking up a yellow card for either a false start, which sometimes occurs in sprints, or skating cuts.

"I'm still a little nervous about having that card with me. Every sprint start this season I've thought: 'Okay Emma, wait an extra millisecond before you leave' because there are small margins sometimes," says Emma Ribom, who, like Frida Karlsson, picked up her yellow card before the Tour.

"Aware of the consequences"

A second yellow card during the Tour de Ski does not mean that you will be disqualified, but will result in a time penalty of three minutes.

"We're well aware of the consequences, it's just a matter of trying to be careful and stick to the rules," says Ribom.

Linn Svahn:

"If you start thinking too much, I think it causes more problems than it does good. You just have to be smart.

Both Emma Ribom and the national team manager Anders Byström want to change the rules around yellow cards. Hear their thoughts in the player at the top of the article.